Any1 want MSCL soundtrack to go with brand spankin new DVDs?

Looking for "My So-Called Life" items or willing to part with one?
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My sincerest apologies

Post by Gracie » Aug 29th 2002, 3:52 pm

Candy Girl, i'd like to offer my sicerest apologies. I have to admit, i have not read every post, and don't know this website inside-out. I just wanted the DVD's, then i came back and sometimes read things!

It is truely great of you and the others do offer what you do.

I've finshed a very bad time in my life, and am having more time to do these things i like. So hopefully i will become a little less ignorant.

All i was doing was trying to let people know that i had the official soundtrack and Buffalo Tom album available. I have to say, i think the Buffalo Tom Album-Big Red Letter Day, is brilliant, and symbolises a few big things for me.

And finally, if you don't despise me too much, i'd like to request a copy of the unofficial soundtrack.

Regrets and regards,
Gracie. :roll: :lol:

and quite appropriately.................."I bet people can actually die of embarrassment. I bet it's been medically proven."
-- Angela, to Rayanne
My So Called Life, without a doubt, THE best TV show EVER!

Jason R
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Post by Jason R » Aug 29th 2002, 7:04 pm

if someone has a monopoly on this board, it certainly is not the creators of the unofficial soundtracks.

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Jason's new signature line

Post by Nostradamus » Aug 30th 2002, 6:21 pm


Nicely put, Jason. If it weren't for your tireless s**t sweeping we'd all be knee deep in a crappy situation, and I don't think I'd like the smell of that. :wink:
I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.
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OK i didn't know what i was talkin bout

Post by Gracie » Aug 31st 2002, 4:15 am

I've said i'm sorry. i was talking about the soundtrack, and i've since retracted that statement.
At the time, i didn't know about the unofficial soundtrack.
And as for Jason, he should be given an award, and if i were in the States anytime soon, i would personally deliver a bottle of the finest, my fair Scotland can produce.

I'M SORRY! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :cry:
My So Called Life, without a doubt, THE best TV show EVER!

Frozen Embryo
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The Unofficial Vs official, no competition!

Post by mc_streetfighter » Sep 1st 2002, 10:04 am

The Unofficial Soundtrack sounds sooooo much better than Official soundtrack.

I'd love a copy. Who should i speak to?
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Re: The Unofficial Vs official, no competition!

Post by Marie » Sep 3rd 2002, 7:34 am

I too am wondering if there is someone out there who'd be willing to take pity on this poor soul and sell me a copy of the unofficial soundtrack.
It sounds great. :lol:

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me, too

Post by lizardcub » Oct 14th 2002, 12:11 am

Uh...yeah. If there's a way to get the Unofficial Soundtrack on CD, I want in. I'll pay. Just don't, you know...double-charge me.

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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Oct 14th 2002, 1:47 am

I will admit that it took longer than I anticipated to send out the last batch of soundtracks, mostly due to the fact that I did not have time to get to the post office. For that reason (and due to the fact that I am not independently wealthy), I am now switching to B&P. For those of you who are unfamiliar with B&P, you can read all about it at

I have already said this in other threads regarding the soundtrack, but let me reiterate: If you are interested in receiving the unofficial soundtrack, DO NOT post a reply in this thread asking me to email you. Instead, PM me for details or email me at

Anyone in the UK who is interested in being the soundtrack distributor for Europe/UK, please let me know. This will help the recipients avoid customs charges, as well as speed up the delivery process.

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