Should Angela have Jordan or Brian?

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Should Angela choose Jordan or Brian?

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They need each other

Post by luvjordan » Aug 29th 2006, 5:00 pm

It just doesn't seem realistic to me that upon finding out about the letter, Angela would suddenly develop feelings for Brian that would rival the feelings she has for Jordan. She's invested in Jordan and she absolutely has to play it out. She may be seeing Brian in a new way, but she still has to get past her feelings for Jordan, her past with Brian and the normal teenage rebellion that makes anything remotely sane look completely unappealing (that would be Brian).

Thanks for the encouragement on the fan fic. I've already started and it's an amazing process. I don't know about anyone else, but once I decided to do it, all these pieces of conversation and plot lines started flooding my brain. I didn't know I had all of that in my head. :o

It'll be a few weeks before I post any of it. I hate when I get into the fan fic and there are only one or two episodes. It's like a drug, gotta have more. So, I'm working on at least 4 or 5 pieces, for folks like me. We'll see if I'm any good at it.
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Re: Should Angela have Jordan or Brian?

Post by majesty » Aug 3rd 2008, 12:17 am

I believe Angela would have ended ultimately up with Brian.

I like both Brian and Jordan as characters and they both had their flaws, and both had made their progressions throughout the series. But I think Brian would be better for her.

The wondrous thing about the show is that the characters are complex and the relationships are never simple. Because of this, I think Angela's decision would have taken up a good portion of Season 2 to make. Just like the changes in Angela and Rayanne's relationship, Angela and Sharon's, Patti and Graham's, etc took place over several episodes and couldn't be easily resolved neatly, neither could Angela's relationship with Brian or Jordan. So I don't think her choice would be revealed in episode 20. More like episode 30 or 35.

I think a character like Angela, as introspective as she is, craves to know people, to dig under their layers and see their true selves revealed. I think that was part of her attraction to the people we saw in the pilot episode. She's attracted to Rayanne (non-sexually) because she's new to Angela, appears interesting and complex. Sharon, on the other hand, is someone who Angela has known her whole life, and that fact makes a friendship with Rayanne all the more alluring in comparison. It isn't until later in the series that Angela is again reminded that Sharon, too, is complex and discoveries are still possible in someone you've known forever that the two begin to mend their relationship and grow.

Similarly, Jordan is someone Angela craves "to know." She ponders that question several times through the season. She's compelled to know Jordan, to be around him and to try to dig deeper into him and change him. I think that's just as much apart of her attraction to Jordan as the physical aspect (so pretty, he is... :lol: ). Brian, on the other hand, is "reassuring, and annoying," someone she's known forever and believes she knows all there is to know about him.

But the letter changes everything. Suddenly, Angela realizes that she doesn't know everything about Brian. He has layers of unknown depth to him just as much as, or perhaps more so, than even Jordan. I think in the days following her realization, she would slowly begin to reinterpret their relationship in light of this, re-reading her previous misjudgments. She's analytical, after all. She would remember a thousand of the things Brian had done for her, all of which she'd been under the impression were just part of his "annoying personality" or his inscrutable sacrificial quality, were really demonstrations of his love for her. I think that would move her emotionally. Plus, the letter had such an impact on her, she would probably be astounded that something like that would come from good ol' "safe" Bri. And designed for her, no less. Yes, she'd see so many new layers behind him through that layer that I think she'd find it impossible to not want to peel a few back and make some new discoveries. She couldn't look at him the same way after that letter.

I find all of the interpretations of the last scene interesting. The way I see it, Angela is already pondering Brian's character and his motivations. She's so moved, she appears almost ready to cry until Jordan walks up. She gets into the car with Jordan, but she keeps her eyes on Brian almost the entire time, even after the car door is shut and is beginning to pull off. I think that's the beginning of an emotional shift for her towards Brian. Now, would she call him the next day and profess a previously unknown love for him? Probably not. But I think in Season 2, we would have seen some awesome progression of their relationship. Probably a very slow progression.

I don't think just because Angela got into the car with Jordan that it implies she "chose" him. She had been in that car with Jordan lots of times, most of the time just to talk. I can only imagine the conversation they shared in that car ride. I don't think Angela could easily and immediately cause her feelings for Jordan to dissipate. Again, that would be something to explore throughout the next season. But I think needed she time to think about both boys and what they meant to her. The decision wouldn't be an easy one for her, but I still think Brian had the advantage. Jordan had made progress, but he'd also hurt her so many times. Brian wasn't perfect, but I feel like Jordan may have used up all of his free passes.

I also find it interesting that people don't think Angela and Brian would have made a good couple. REALLY?! :shock: I mean, put the characters in the context of Angela knowing Brian's true feelings rather than the way they'd interacted for the entire series. I see promise there. They have a bit in common and had grown to have a real friendship, even though they argued a lot. I think Season 2 would have shown Angela to be nicer, sweeter and more considerate towards Brian. To me, Angela and Brian are both introspective and could probably have hours of conversation on any one subject because they've thought and analyzed it. Throw a novel they've both read, or the flaws within their family, or school, etc and they would discuss it at length to their hearts content. And conversation is an excellent component of a relationship. I can even see them going on dates. They are both awkward, but I think they would grow together and get more and more comfortable with one another.

Finally, someone else mentioned the fact that the folks rooting for Brian are doing so because practically everyone has, at one point or another, been in his shoes. That's a great point, and probably true (it is for me! :oops: ). One person who has definitely been in Brian's shoes is Angela herself! She knows what it is to pine after someone and long for them to notice her. I think realizing that Brian has been harboring a secret love for Angela would be the exact type of flattery she'd love, and she'd would know what it would mean to want a chance to be loved in return, and I think she'd grant it. Eventually.

The classic scene and shot from the pilot episode, whether Angela and Brian are bathed in light from the street lamps and she looks back at him always moves me. It looks beautiful and I think the two characters would have shared more beautiful, touching scenes. I think they would have taken long walks at night quite a bit. The "sex and conversation" discussion leads many to believe Brian possessed only the "conversation" aspect, but I think his letter proved he was quite capable novice to the "sex" as well. His letter contained passion that aroused Angela and made her swoon. I don't think she could ignore that fact simply because she found out it was from her annoying friend and neighbor. I think it would have awakened a need to look at him more deeply and later fall in love.

Angela and Brian all the way.

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Re: Should Angela have Jordan or Brian?

Post by majesty » Aug 3rd 2008, 12:27 am

Here's another point about the final scene:
Brian : Forget what I said. Forget this whole conversation!
Angela : How?
I think that's a poignant question. Her "how?" seems to imply that it would be impossible to ignore the discovery that Brian wrote the letter. It changed everything and to simply forget it and continue her relationship with Jordan as if nothing were different would be completely out of character for her.

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Post by Cami A. » Aug 3rd 2008, 5:57 am

william bloke wrote:Where the heck are all the Krakow supporters? Am I the only one left within the legions of Krakow-ites?
Gimme a break people! This is an uphill battle. I feel as if I've just landed on Utah beach on D-day, trying to assault a German machine gun bunker with a rubber chicken! Where's the artillery? Where's my air support?

NOTE: The author of this post DID NOT click seven-times for Brian.
Seriously, I'd think people who get and love this show would get how great Brian is because that's one of the wonders of this show--it's ability to get inside the head of a geek and make you feel for him (not pity, but understanding).

I think Jordan is a little bit misunderstood. He's not as dumb or insensitive as he looks. He's got reasons to not trust people, and keep his emotional distance--he's been beaten by his father for gosh-sakes. He has an independent nature--and this includes not wanting to fall in love, but wanting to feel the physical lust involved. He's a typical teenage boy. You can't really blame him for that. And we definitely see his growth by Episode 19.

However, Brian has much more emotional depth. He already appreciates and wants to love Angela. At the same time he is flawed. He has been heartless--to Delia about the dance. Really the only person he is great towards is Angela. So maybe he's not perfect for everyone, but he is perfect for Angela. In time I think she would see this. But like most of you said--not right away.

Am I making any sense.

I vote for Krakow <3
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Re: Should Angela have Jordan or Brian?

Post by majesty » Aug 3rd 2008, 6:37 am

Exactly. That's one of the great things about the show. It's not cut-and-dry, simple black and white, Brian is the perfect underdog and Jordan is the undeserving, handsome bad boy. You can relate to both characters and see that they both have merits, qualities that would be attractive to Angela. You can see how both grow and change over the course of the series. I just think Brian is more fitting for Angela. 8)

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Re: Should Angela have Jordan or Brian?

Post by ikilledkennyandjr » Aug 3rd 2008, 8:39 am

Majesty, I've analyzed Angela/Brian to death and I've never considered that she would try to figure him out after the last episode. Thank you for enlightening me! Jordan was always portrayed as "mysterious", but I think Krakow was even more so because he had this whole other side to him that, in ten years of knowing him, she'd never seriously clued in on. I think he was just as misunderstood, too--trapped by his gigantic brain.

Angela and Brian's romantic relationship would involve lots of awkward cuteness, passionate arguments, and long, intense conversations about everything and nothing all at once. Team Brian all the way. :D
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Re: Should Angela have Jordan or Brian?

Post by majesty » Aug 3rd 2008, 9:07 am

ikilledkennyandjr wrote: Angela and Brian's romantic relationship would involve lots of awkward cuteness, passionate arguments, and long, intense conversations about everything and nothing all at once. Team Brian all the way. :D
Very much so! I think they would have developed their relationship in a nice way. Going to see plays and then arguing over the themes. Things like that. :lol:

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