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Re: ending

Post by Joanna » Oct 18th 2001, 2:56 pm

Episode 20? Do any of us MSCLifers really want to know? I mean to really see Angela and the gang GROW UP? To no longer be teenagers? I don't think we do - we should remember them just as they were (with the comfort that once Angela's crush on Jordan ends she finally goes out with Brian!) The show couldn't go on forever and I don't think it would be what it is today if it had. At the time I was so sad that the show had ended but now I appreciate that I wouldn't want to see Angela as a 22 year old wishing she was 15 again (like I do!)...each of us has our own interpretation of what happens next and to like, be shown that instead?...no, let's leave us in frustration, imagination and...hope....(out of darkness, hope is born!)

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