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Post by Jody Barsch* » Nov 22nd 2003, 4:50 pm

I really like what Jack was saying-- seeing the story of Rayanne and Angela played out differently "with another roll of the dice" --rewriting what has already happened (very much like Huckleberry Finn -- the book, not the character). I have often tried to give a history to the Rayanne and Barsh story, but what always leaves me unsatisfied is Sharon's words "she's using you, just like she did to Jody Barsh" (sorry if that is a paraphrase, I do not have a transcript in front of me). My point is, it would be easy to speculate how Rayanne betrayed Jody, but that is not what we hear she did, she "used" her. What do other people have access to that Rayanne would use them for? This is the question I can't answer.

I refer to the Jody Barsh incident in one of the episodes I am working on, but it is never explained, I like having it a mystery.
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