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meeting leto....almost.

Post by meredith » Oct 12th 2002, 2:45 am

i'm from saskatoon....saskatchewan, canada....jared leto and band were in town opening for i mother earth. i didn't even know about it. at all. just sitting in my room. watching tv. ick. meanwhile, during the afternoon. jared wandered around broadway (the hippest street in town. best coffee, movies, clothes, and cheese!) talking to random people. i know at least three of the people that he talked to. (two of them tall and blond, and hot) he gave lots of people free tickets and some backstage passes. my friend went backstage and he remembered her from that afternoon. apparantly he was very friendly and very calm, and had a very ugly hairdo. the band got booed off the stage in vancouver apparantly so maybe he was out doing p.r. or something. man, i'm so sad i didn't see him. one time billy corigan was wandering around broadway too. but i don't care about corigan. just jared leto.
man he's hot. what surprised me was that none of the girls i know that went slept with him.
what the hell?


Post by Guest » Oct 31st 2002, 10:39 am

are you kidding me? gimme a damn break :roll:

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Re: Exaclty

Post by So-Called Loon » Nov 1st 2002, 3:06 am

emmie wrote:...although you would have thought at the time that the *entire* cast would have just catapulted into the most amazing roles, nothing has really materialized. Not in the huge dimensions everyone expected.
One would have thought that Claire Danes, at least, would have gone places fast, even if she was a bit young.

Instead she's mostly been wasted in odd roles or small roles. Her skill always shines through but she just doesn't have enough to do.
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