One of the best scenes ever, IMHO

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Post by bdckr » Dec 11th 2002, 11:57 am

Definitely the end of the last episode.

The way Brian's voice reading the letter through the different scenes: very poignant and moving and simple. Also the very end, when Angela drives away in Jordan's car, having just realized that Brian wrote the letter. When the car drives away, leaving Brian on his bike, I could just yell at the injustice of losing the show.

That's always been my favorite, and to me, the gut-churning emotions I feel as I watch the scene was the payoff of the previous 18 episodes. That scene doesn't have the same kind of significance until you've spent the time with the characters and made the emotional investment that lets the show make you feel so strongly for everyone.

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Post by SanDeE* » Dec 11th 2002, 1:27 pm

I hope I don't get yelled at for saying this, but... Maybe it's not so bad that it ends there. It prompts your imagination to finish the story, and also starts lots of interesting conversation among all of us. I'm almost glad that the show didn't come to a simple, predictable ending. And that feeling it leaves you with just makes me want to start over again at the Pilot. Like when you finish a really good book. I mean, YES I wish there were more eps sometimes, but I think the "open door" ending is really good, and fits the show. A feeling and thought provoker, this show is. Can you imagine it ending with "Other People's Mothers" with Angela looking out the window and quoting that Tarot Card book? Or the last episode being "The Weekend," with Danielle narrating and Angela just saying "by the way, thanks." ???? I think that would have not been so great so I'm sort of grateful in a way that it ends with the scene and episode that it does.

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Post by K-man » Dec 11th 2002, 3:18 pm

Good points Kristin. If the show had come back for season 2,3 etc. would it have 'jumped the shark'? Could anything the creators put together match up against those 19 magical episodes? Doubtful, but who's to say season 2 wouldn't have topped season 1? (If that is even possible.) I for one would have loved more seasons/ep's. but would we have all lost interest halfway through a poor sophomore season? Would we all be here every day if it were still on the air in season 8 or whatever? So many questions??????.
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Post by Megs » Dec 11th 2002, 11:58 pm

Ok. I love a lot of scenes. The scene in Dancing in the Dark when Graham is talking to Angela over spaghetti, and he explains to her that sometimes boys that age don't know how to be what we want them to be. I also love the scene in that episode when Patty and Graham are fighting and she throws her Cinderella ("Because! Because we have been together for so long").

But I love the scene in Father Figures when Angela pulls out the Dead tickets, and tries to get Jordan's attention when he's diagraming her sentences. *Sigh* "Tickets. To the Dead concert Thursday night?" Hee Hee. I love that.

(Can you tell I am re-watching from the beginning? I will post more favorite scens as I go on. My absolute favorite is the little dance Angela does in WJCR after he kisses her in the car. But I think that I mentioned that one before. :wink: )
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Post by dTheater » Dec 13th 2002, 12:35 am

pinkchimney wrote:One of my faves is in the Pilot episode towards the end when Angela is getting into the police car and Jordan sees her and says "I know that girl." it was a great scene because even though she didn't get into the club, her night was complete because she got to see jordan AND he acknowledged her. "angela!" Yay for TV.
I always wondered something about that scene. How did he know her name after having talked to her for a total of 10 seconds his entire life.
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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Dec 13th 2002, 12:48 am

I think Jordan knew her name just from seeing her around school and being in her English class. There were lots of people I wasn't friends with in high school (some of whom I never exchanged words with the entire time I was in high school) but I did know most people's names and faces.
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