Where did Angela/Jordan go on the last episode?

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Re: Where did Angela/Jordan go on the last episode?

Post by introspection » Jul 27th 2011, 12:21 pm

I have been watching this show repeatedly for the last few days. :) This questions intrigues me. I think Angela probably would not have been able to contain her comments for very long regarding who really wrote the letter. I also think Jordan came a long way with his emotions in the show. He still isn't comfortable, but in the part where she initially talks to him about the letter you can see the hesitancy in his actions when she says, "I loved it". It's almost a subtle, less uncomfortable way of telling him she loves him. He seems to come to a decision of letting her back in with his, "I have all these dreams...". Jordan's character will never be as articulate as Krakaw because of the dyslexia. He is just not good with words (except in song), but I don't think his affection for her is any less because he can't find the words (literally). I think the depth of his affection is also demonstrated that night he and Rayanne "hook up". He is jealous and feeling Angela slip away from him. He wants to be drunk, to take away the pain, but "not (drunk) enough". Look at the boys face. He misses her. I think it's a true show of his trying to hide emotion. Every time he looks at Angela he gets this "look". When he realizes it, he looks away. Hiding. He pretty much confirms it in my mind when he opens up to her mother at the end. "It's like you're safe...cause you can walk away, anytime...You don't need her, don't need anybody." But he realizes his thinking is wrong. He risks getting hurt, for her. Where did they go? Maybe he had somewhere in mind, but I think they wound up in the parking lot (of wherever they were headed), talking. In my idealistic head, he admits to her the truth of how he feels because he has made the decision to take the risk.

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Re: Where did Angela/Jordan go on the last episode?

Post by BuffaloLawnmower » Jul 31st 2011, 6:14 am

I think that perhaps they ride around in the car for awhile, or else go somewhere and park. Maybe Jordan tries making out (or more) with Angela, but she stops him. Maybe Jordan senses that she knows the truth and just takes her home at some point. Or, maybe she hooks up (though doesn't necessarily sleep with; maybe stays a step or a few steps below that) with Jordan in an effort to forget about the letter (and its true author) for awhile; maybe she does this to avoid the (perhaps overwhelming) emotions that she has stemming from it. At any rate, I think that they ride along in silence and she ends up at home eventually; a few different scenarios (the ones that I mentioned plus others that I probably haven't considered) could play out in-between. I don't think, though, that she would just suddenly rush to Brian, even if she went home shortly after getting into the car. I think that she would feel really confused and would try to figure out just what it was exactly that she was really feeling.

As I've stated before on a different forum thread, I can't see Brian and Angela really making a good couple (though I could see them becoming excellent friends--"friends" in the deepest sense of the word). Oddly enough, I feel the same way about Jordan, though for different reasons. In Jordan's case, while I don't think that he's a completely rotten person (though he does do some really horrible things, like pressuring Angela into sex and then getting angry with her when she says no), he is, as I've also stated before, not really good boyfriend material. Even if Jordan does truly care for Angela on some level, I don't think that he could provide her with a really solid, sturdy, enduring relationship. It's just not who he is as a person or as a partner, at least not at the point where the show ends. The sort of person that I could see Angela liking, being attracted to, and being a person with whom she could have a real and enduring partnership would be a sort-of combination of Brian and Jordan: he would be a "middle path" between the two, though of course he'd have his own set of flaws and wouldn't be perfect. I don't think that Angela's "Mr. Right" is someone that exists in the show that we've seen; I think that he is someone that she would meet later on, likely post-high school.

Basically, that's a LONG way of saying that, at the end of the last episode, I really don't think that Angela would end up with either Brian or Jordan, at least not in the long-run or a long-term relationship.

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