am I the first one to see this?

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am I the first one to see this?

Post by jenna » Oct 7th 2003, 1:37 am

"acording to zap2it news paramount pictuers is interested in movie a sequel-movie to the television show "my so called life." They report that paramount gained interested in the long dead series after the successfullness of the DVD box set. But paramount has also said that they will not go through with the project unless they get Clare Danes, Jared Leto, A.J. Langer, Wilson Cruz, Devon Gummersall, and Devon Odessa to all sign for the project."

from this site:

Is this true? That would be amazing.

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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Oct 7th 2003, 2:33 am

If what they are saying is true about wanting the main characters to come back, it won't happen because Jared Leto won't do it.
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Post by Sascha » Oct 7th 2003, 5:54 am

LOL! Is it already April 1st? :lol:

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Post by starbug » Oct 7th 2003, 7:38 am

I'd love it, but I seriously doubt either Danes or Leto would be interested... and I'd HATE to see any other people try and take their places.

I searched Zap2it looking for the original report but it doesn't come up. Methinks this might be urban myth.


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Post by grim4746 » Oct 7th 2003, 11:57 am

I don't even believe this movie will ever happen and yet I have a nagging concern that they will make a bad movie that will tarnish the good name of the series.

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Post by TomSpeed » Oct 7th 2003, 7:24 pm

Even though most TV to movie experiments fail, a MSCL movie could work if the cast is intact and the original writers are involved in the project. However, it might be impossible to live up to our expectations. I understand why the cast members might be reluctant to revisit their roles. However, if the writing is good, they might be tempted to do it. I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for it to premiere though.

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Post by andrewgd » Oct 7th 2003, 9:56 pm

I don't really see how it could work as a movie. What would they do, all go to Europe a'la Lizzie MacGuire? Maybe Claire would meet up with a dark strange French guy who blows Jared out of the water. ha ha, then ends up sleeping with Rickie.

For real though, I get the image that it would turn into a Reality Bites type thing, and be a totally depressing character study of all of them.

I guess I just don't really see how it could work.
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Post by Frances Farmer » Oct 8th 2003, 1:54 am

I think for the mere fact of closure it would be so awesome, we deserve it. I'd take a book, I know theres sort of one but I heard it sucks. I can't ever see it happening, but it's a nice dream.

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Post by starbug » Oct 8th 2003, 4:51 am

I don't know. I mean, I think TomSpeed is maybe right - how could it live up to our expectations?

Would it be a 10-year down the line snapshot of each character? It's hard to see it having an actual storyline... what you could cover in a movie of 2 hours would be so vacuous compared to the series that I think it would be bound to fail.

Alternatively a character development exercise... which I would like to see but not really in the format of a film.

It could turn into (IMHO) the Episode 1 of the star wars films... hyped beyond belief and then disappointing.


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Post by JPP13 » Oct 8th 2003, 6:54 pm

I can't tell you how happy this made me to read. It was very fun to think about. BUT...I don't think it will ever happen. That said, I had some thoughts upon reflection.

I understand the initial desire for an actor to distcance themselves from a role, in order to avoid being pigeon-holed. Face it, Sarah Michelle Gellar is Buffy. Period. So Claire and Jared, it seems to me, have tried to distance themselves years ago from Angela and Jordan. But the key to me is "years ago". At this point, they are as distanced, or not, as they will ever be. Claire to us is Angela. For others she isn't. Thats it. I don't believe it would hurt her career to reprise the role which made her.

Next roadblock would be money. Could a low-budget film afford the main actors? To me, this is tied to the script. IF Winnie and the crew could be brought on board to write a script, and not any script but a great one, that would affect things. Because Claire Danes and Jared Leto have both taken some jobs which were big payoffs but crappy spots. (see T3 and Panic Room). They've cashed out. Now, it seems, they could be tempted back for the right story. Time to re-earn some street cred if you would.

This may be a little more controversial, but in my opinion, the only mandatory character to return is Angela. If either Brian OR Jordan is in the mix, I think it could still be done, and done right. Obviously we would all like to see Jordan again. But there were episodes, good ones, where he was not prominently featured. So the key is Claire Danes.

I think if it appeared that everyone else was on board, that a particular hold out would feel enormous pressure to agree to join.

OK, just some initial thoughts. I said I don't think it will happen, but I guess my point of the post is that it could happen. I'll keep my expectations low but my fingers crossed.

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Post by JPP13 » Oct 8th 2003, 7:01 pm

I re-read again all your posts and I noticed the concern about what exactly would happen in the way of a plot. I agree, its tough, we just can't pick up like an episode.

I still trust Winnie and the rest of BF to come up with something. I imagine the group re-convening because of an event, ala the Big Chill. And through the movie we learn to fill in some of the last years through the discussions, etc. Could be a wedding, a funeral, election as Governor, who knows. I'm not trying to make this a fan-fic, but I do think people who are much smarter than I could do it right.

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Post by SanDeE* » Oct 9th 2003, 2:46 pm

I don't think I'd like it if it ever worked out. How much did you change from 15 to 25? Probably a lot. I'm only 20, and I've changed SO MUCH since I was 15. We'd probably not even recognize the 25yr old Angela. She certainly wouldn't have dyed red hair, and she'd probably be a whole different person, not all moody and over-introspective. I don't know, I just don't think it would work so well. I hate to be a downer here, but I can't see it working well. I know there are great writers out there that could make it interesting and entertaining, but if they want to capture the essence of MSCL they'd have to make it realistic.
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Post by dTheater » Oct 9th 2003, 10:29 pm

I'd like to see a book by Winnie Holzman or a spin-off starring Lisa Wilholt, but a movie won't and can't happen. I don't think they'd be able to get the whole cast together. Although I don't believe the whole type-cast thing. Most people I know know Claire Danes from movies and they either know Jared Leto from Cameron Diaz or they've never heard of him.

But yeah, it is unlikely. I'd rather Winnie Holzman and crew just do another show altogether but with a similar basis.
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Post by north_Star98 » Oct 11th 2003, 2:16 am

I'm not sure if I exactly want a movie sequel. Not that I wouldn't want more MSCL...but it just seems like...I have this panned out version of how I would have wanted it to end. And I've had...overall...the same result since the series ended. The series ended abruptly, yes, but I felt like it left us not just wanting more but, more importantly, striking up our imaginations to what could have happened.

As for the other comments, getting the entire cast, who are all 10 years older, would be incredibly difficult, not to mention how they would pan this all out. They'd have to do a scene with Angela and Jordan after the car ride and both the actors look older than they used to. Like someone said, I think that the movie could possibly tarnish the reputation that the show has. It would be nice to have more MSCL, but I don't think it'll happen either. And if it does, mixed feelings will overcome...happy because there's more mscl, and skeptical and worried of what end result may arise
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Post by KrokRos » Oct 11th 2003, 4:59 am

I request for more fanfiction please! :)
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