I met Winnie Holzman!

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Post by Guest » May 24th 2003, 9:27 am

[quote="MSCL Revival"]Oh, and about who she would get together with at the end-- Winnie said that she would continue her relationship with Jordan, just because that's how it would be like in real life since she always was in awe of him. But Winnie also said that she had not fully decided yet what would happen. :P

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Post by Hunee » Oct 22nd 2003, 10:36 am

Some of the things that would happen in season two would be a total 180... Patty is to strong of a woman to become depressed or scince winnie said that it was not intended for her character to be such a b*tch then maybe the depression would of worked... but being a teenager with enough on your plate and having a parent with depression is hell!!! trust me I know!!! and the sharon pregnancy I think would have been a total slam dunk because this show was about truth and the truth is is that teen pregnancy is not such a myth anymore!!! I think that they would have had a new love for brian... a boyfriend for rickie... a romance for jordan and angela maybe even possibaly angela taking on a more adult relationship... I do think that something would happen between hally and graham but I dont know how far it would actually go or maybe even patty having an affair???... i think that rayanne and angela would in away mend there broken rift but not completly... but this is all just what ifs... there really is way of knowing... if only winnie would have written a couple of more scripts and we could find out what really would have happend!!! :twisted: but I think it is great she came and spoke to your class!!! really what an honor!!! and thanks for sharing the details
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Post by blueone » Oct 31st 2003, 6:22 pm

This is very interesting MSCL Revival :) Can you share more facts from the Q&A session?

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Post by sirhansirhan » Nov 26th 2003, 8:17 pm

I would like very much to get in touch with the instructor of the course that this thread is in regards to. Can anyone help me on this one? It's for school, if that gives my request any legitimacy.

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Re: I met Winnie Holzman!

Post by Gargelkark » Sep 19th 2011, 4:01 am

Hum, that´s strange. I read a not-so-old interview with - guess it was Herskovitz who said they were not so sure about anything for the second season ("we were much too improvisional...") but that Brian and Angela would have something going on.

Oh well, she might have had the Jordan problem vice versa after noting how Brian felt for her. She might have stayed with Jordan but as well felt closer to Brian now and then when she came back to her true values.

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