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Post by SanDeE* » Apr 30th 2003, 4:27 am

Okay, perhaps I'm a little late with this thought, perhaps it has already been discussed and if so forgive me, but...

What are the odds that Kyle was a virgin before having sex with Sharon? We know that Sharon was a virgin before Kyle. What about Kyle? I think he was a virgin, and they lost their virginity together. He seems very attached to Sharon and that can happen for a guy with the first girl he sleeps with. Of course, I'm not a guy, so I can't really say for sure. The guys out there reading this may counter what I just said. But in my experience, guys get attached to you when they lose their virginity to you. Even though it's not as big a deal to guys as it is to girls. Not that they necessarily fall in love with the girl because she had sex with him, but they get attached to a degree. Am I wrong or right here? I think Kyle was a virgin before Sharon.
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Post by meggrrrl » Apr 30th 2003, 9:00 am

That's a really interesting point about Kyle. My gut reactions was of corse he wasn't a virgin, but now I think he probably was. They're so young, the chance of him having had a serious relationship before Sharon seems unlikely. I think often both guys and girls get attached to the person they lost their virginity with because it's it's a life-changing moment. Whether it means anything to the other person or not, you've shared a hugely important moment in your life with them. I lost my virginity to another virgin, but we barely knew each other. It was supposed to be a one-time thing, but it resulted in a long (and tumultuous) relationship.


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Post by starbug » May 8th 2003, 5:09 am

I'm coming into this really late - sorry, I'm behind with my MSCL homework :oops: but I just rewatched this episode last night...
candygirl wrote:So if Angela was having sex with him, THEN it would be okay for her to do his homework?
Yeah, I always wondered about that and it bugged me. Why would it suddenly be OK for him to take advantage of her if they were going out (I interpret it to be wider than just doing his homework but 'taking advantage' in lots of other ways too. Don't know why...).

Another aspect I really love about this episode is the relationship development between Rayanne & Sharon. Starting when Sharon hides in the room to get away from Kyle... Rayanne witnesses the declaration of love that Kyle makes and for a start laughs. However if you watch her reaction towards the end of the scene she is clearly pondering it.

This is developed when, as Candygirl says, they have gym class together (and I think the whole reason Rayanne is there is because she wants to talk to Sharon about what she saw). Rayanne brings it up, wanting to know if sharon is 'totally fulfilled'. Rayanne is looking for what she thinks Sharon must have... but then she finds out that Sharon doesn't have it. In a bizarre way, Rayanne has what sharon wants (the ability to relax about sex) and Sharon has what Rayanne wants (someone to love her and give her some kind of fulfilment). There's an interesting cut in this scene where it's clear they have been talking for some time - the screen glides across...

Then it's developed further as we see them walking down the hall and sharon and rayanne have again clearly been talking for some time...

When I first watched the series I remember getting really angry with Katimski in this episode. I wanted to shout 'just offer Rickie to stay!' without understanding why he couldn't (in my youth I didn't understand the depth of some people's prejudices). On rewatching it, my anger is diluted... he can't turn Rickie away, no matter what the consequences...


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Post by starbug » May 8th 2003, 5:18 am

Oh yeah, and I forgot... I love the symmetry between Patty signing Graham up for the cooking class and Angela signing Jordan up for the tutoring... like mother like daughter?

but this has a more meaningful significance I think... Patty and Graham clearly have a long term relationship and she feels in a position to do that to Graham (to make decisions that reflect what she thinks is best for him and follow them through without his permission). Angela does the same but isn't she being a little presumptuous about the nature of her relationship with Jordan? They definitely don't have the sort of relationship Patty and Graham have, no matter what sort of spin she can put on it...


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Post by crimsonglowgurl » May 10th 2003, 12:47 am

I did see the parallel btwn Angela and Jordan and Graham and Patty, but I interpreted it as a good thing what these females were doing. I also just took it to mean that they are these initiators helping and making the right decisions for the males in their lives better and easier than in their own lives. The woman kind of guiding the males to the things the females know is important to the guys or whatever...did that make any sense? sorry im so not articulate..

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Post by lithiumkat » May 20th 2003, 11:30 pm

first off I'm going to say, I do the episode discussions a certian way, I have not read the rest of this thread yet, I do not want it to influence my initial interpretation of the episode here, So this is my post I've made while watching the episode, and Then after it is posted I plan to go back and read the entire thread then make comments on what everyone else has said.

It's great how this ep begins with everyone watching the new years thing on tv and thinking in their heads about all their resolutions. I also love how it shows 'the gang' hanging out on the couch watching tv over at angelas, especially since unlike so many shows mscl doesnt just show them vegging in front of tv that much, again going back to the whole importance of whats on the tv in the rare occurences when a scene actually focuses on it, i wont rehash that entire discussion, those who are unfamiliar with what i'm talking about shouldnt have too many problems finding that thread.

poor kyle...really has it bad for sharon and she doesnt really feel the same and although she is totally in denial, finds herself using him, against all her good intentions in general. and how she never thought she'd be 'the type of person to USE someone'

I think since the 'angels' episode Rickie fits into the Chase household a lot more, (for that matter since the night of rayannes od, when he had that sort of heart to heart with patty at the hospital, he's been a little more accepted by patty at least i believe) since he's started staying there, that is clearly shown when he's in the Kitchen with Graham and Patty and Danielle. The entire household seems to take him in more.

And then poor Rickie overhears Graham and Patty talking and thinks they don't really want him, when mainly they are just CONCERNED about him, they OBVIOUSLY care a GREAT deal about Rickie, unfortunately he missed Patty saying what a great kid he is, which he really I think needed to hear, especially since Angelas friends always think Patty *hates* them lol. Rickie is obviously having a lot of problems, even Mr. Katimski obviously picked up on that in class when Rickie was having problems staying focused in class.

This also shows a softer side of Jordan, also since the 'angels' ep, how he tells Angela its wrong for her to do his homework, I think he realizes that he is sort of using her and doesn't want to, he is really trying to be a good friend.

Poor Sharon can't find a way to talk to Kyle, I feel so bad for Kyle here. And then Sharon feeling SOOO guilty and not wanting to break the poor guys heart. SO afraid to tell him the truth, she doesn't know what to do but doesn't want to USE him either lol, we all know how Sharon is. lol.

Graham still pondering about the restaurant idea, still unable to make a decision, Hallie still pressuring him, in many ways, and obviously more than really just the restaurant. Danielle, trying to get Patty to let her wear makeup in public that is a classic moment, haven't all us girls been there. Or some4thing similar anyway.

Graham seems so badly to want encouragement from Patty on the restaurant, Patty is so afraid of failure, I don't think she doesn't believe in Graham, she is just a cynic by nature and so afraid of risks, she doesn't want things to end badly. Graham so needy of her support though, he obviously wants to do it but doesn't want to if Patty doesn't want him too.

And poor Rickie, he feels unwanted at the Chase's and he's a very proud person and is very worried about 'sponging' off Angela's family. So he runs off, still homeless, very obviously affecting his schoolwork/life and Mr. Katimski is obviously worried about him, realizing something is not right. And Angela is obviously very worried about him, and Rayanne too, and I partly think that the Rayanne being worried was possibly an excuse and Angela seems to be the type of person always afraid to ADMIT how much she REALLY cares about people, also shown when she says to Rayanne, "rickie was really worried, i mean i was too" She always beats around the bush. And Mr. Katimski finds out Rickie lied and didn't stay at Angelas and you can tell that the whole thing with Rickie is weighing on his mind.

The Rayanne/Sharon friendship is growing more, and they seem to be getting almost closer with one another at this point than either of them are with Angela, Sharon confesses to Rayanne about how she's pretty much not into Kyle at this point, but is simply having sex with him, and using it to play out her adolescent brad pitt fantasies and feels really bad since he is totally in love with her. And she explains the whole drama to Rayanne and swears again she will talk to him and not have sex with him again.

Hallie brings up a "Brad Theory" which I think a lot of "Brad's theories" are possibly just Hallies way of bringing something up without being obvious that it's really HER ideas...or theories. Or maybe they really are "Brad's" but it's just convenient for her to say them to him because she agrees with them, or want's to hear what he has to say.

Neils "input/output" confusion comment cracks me up, IMHO I think it has some underlying meaning, we all know mscl nothing is ever as simple as just being what it is, it's always deep down something more, there is always more meaning. either that or i'm just a 'tard.

Neil is clearly nervous when Patty brings up Hallie Lowenthal, and that only seems to thicken Patty's growing suspicions, She obviously is a little upset after Neils quick change of subject after the mention of Hallie. And Graham and Neil then share a tense moment after Graham senses Patty's suspicousness and uncomfortableness.

Angela has gotten Jordan to get tutored and finds out that he is paired with Brian/'Brain" and she has second thoughts about it after finding that the two are paired. Rickies "cousins" have seemed to dissapear off the face of the earth, and now he is completely alone, and his one small grasp at a plan has been shattered, he realizes he has no one, and no where and is completely lost and alone, that scene with him on the phone near the lockers breaks my heart, makes me cry everytime, Mr Katimski obviously sees something is terribly wrong now.

Rickie and Mr Katimski obviously want to reach out to each other, but both are afraid for their own reasons even though at this point Rickie really needs an adult he can trust, someone other than Angela's family. Rickie keeps having more problems with his schoolwork, which any teacher will tell you is often a sign of home/family/personal trouble. You can see the lost and hurt in Rickies face and he finally tells Mr Katimski that he is homeless right now. And Mr Katimski is taken aback he knows he has to do something but he doesnt know what to do.

You can see Rickies desire for a sense of belonging as he talks about what a nice family the Chases are and how in a way it made him feel worse. Being with this happy family but making him really feel even more alone, on the inside. Rickie is obviously excited about the prospect of "Pride House" and a "family type" atmosphere. And I think he is truly grateful having been led to guidance and at least to have let out some of his fears and problems, feeling like at least now some people know and that he's getting help. Mr Katimski talks to Mrs K and he is obviously very upset when he realizes Rickie could not get into Pride house right away. Brian is apparently just as uncomfortable with the idea tutoring Jordan as Angela was.

And Brian hits the nail on the head in saying how tutoring Jordan would make him feel like a Hypocrite Sharon 'doenst have to guess' how that makes him feel. They are having like two seperate conversations even though it seems like one, Sharon referring to Kyle and how it is DEFINITELY WRONG TO USE A PERSON and Brian talking about Jordan and just becoming confused when Sharon goes off, clearly thinking about Kyle. Jordans look when it comes to "that bear" after Brian explains "its just this thing some girl gave me" that look is priceless.

And then Brians absolute SHOCK when Jordan says that the eraser girl would sleep with him. It's so funny, even though they almost hate each other, they admire each other, Jordan admires Brian for being 'Smart' and Brian admires Jordan for his 'social skills' and lol 'luck with the ladies' and like to dies when Jordan just up and gets that girls phone number, he just like can't handle that, and then Jordan is like freaking out cuz he doesn't think it's a big deal.

Then Angela shows up and finds it extremely unnerving that Brian and Jordan are laughing and sort of "bonding" so to speak. Then she goes on about helping him she's obviously uncomfortable about Brian and Jordan and the Tutoring thing, then Jordan with the not so suave comment about Angela having sex with him, and Angela just busts up laughing and walks off pretty much. Of course the ONE GIRL Jordan really really wants to be able to control, the way he seems to be able to do so easily, is the ONE GIRL that is different, that he just doesn't know how to handle.

Rickie comes to a harrowing realization that he can't get into Pride house right away, finding out he is being sent to a facility. Rickie is completely distraught. Rickie is now afraid maybe things AREN'T getting better. He all but breaks down when he's heading to Mrs. K's office.

Graham and Hallie obviously being somewhat flirty on the phone, and it's OBVIOUS that Patty picks up on that, so then Graham ends the conversation. Patty is clearly uncomfortable. And I almost think that the considering to go into business wiht Hallie is almost a metaphor for Hallie herself, kind of like you are considering having an affair with Hallie? And it's kind of funny how they both LIE to each other about their new years resolutions about "excersizing" that's laughable.

Rickie can't deal with the "facility" and runs away, back on the streets again. Mr Katimski is obviously to the point where he feels he MUST do something, so he comes to the Chases to talk to them and all the adults realize that this is a somewhat serious situation here, so they send the girls on their way to school. And Mr Katimski goes off making Patty cry, the first time in the whole series you see Patty just completely break down.

It is obvious that all three of them care a great deal about Rickie and his well being, and It is so sad that Rickie is so oblivious to the fact that so many people care so much about him. And the "foul temptress" response to the coffee offer that is a priceless, classic mscl moment. ROFL, I love that, Mr Katimski is a great charachter.

And then Sharaon still going on worried about being the type of person that would USE another person, again showing her confiding in Rayanne, and Kyle I think deep down kind of knows whats going on, cuz then when she tries to tell him, he goes on about renting a Brad Pitt movie and about a sex scene in the movie and wanting to watch it together and Sharon caves, opting to have a "MUCH better" time yet again.

When Graham tells Patty he has something to tell her and he hasnt been completely honest, it's obvious that Patty is just SURE she *knows* he's going to confess an affair with Hallie, and she is just paralyzed with fear, and then when he says he wants to open the restaurant she is obviuosly completely relieved and it has been a wakeup call for her i think, she says she will be completely supportive, whereas we all know she hasnt always completely been in the past, and I think she realizes this is her chance, to ya know, show Graham how much she loves him. and Graham realizes that was not waht Patty thought he was going to say, but she doesn't admit what she was thinking to him.

It cracks me up, Brian and Jordan actually "tutor one another" so to speak because Brian wants to know how to get a girls phone number but Jordan actually says that they should do their work first, applying himself some, showing he does WANT to learn.

Rickie finally starting to see that Mr Katimski does CARE when Mr K says he was at the Chases and was worried about him, but he lies and says he has a safe place to stay, not wanting Mr K to worry, and Mr K wanting to offer Rickie to stay there, but this is the first confirmation about what everyone has been only speculating about Mr K's sexual preference, and he is afraid of losing his job, if people find out, and especially with Rickie a male youth who is unsure of his own sexuality. Mr K is obviously troubled, knowing he should do more. And his partner tries to tell him not to hate himself and to not be so hard on himself.

Hallie and Graham have a strange encounter in the rain as sirens go off in the background, Hallie finally admits that her and Brad are no longer together, and she makes mention of yet another "Brad Theory" yet she never explains it, and she turns away from Graham, obviously almost in tears, her eyes welling up. When she says about pressuring him into this and people wont do soemthing if they dont REALLY want to....it is clear to me that she is talking about more than just the restaurant. And when Hallie talks about coming to certian realizations, it is obvious that those Realizations between her and/or Brad included Graham. But Hallie I think realizes that shes about to step the line, and wont answer Grahams inquisition about Brads Theory, only making an excuse and running off claiming that Graham wont regret this.

Mr K finally decides that Rickie is more important than all the worries of the what if's this shows how much Mr K really cares for Rickie when he embraces him...lets him in after Rickie shows up on his doorstep, He realizes that Rickies life and well being is more important than his own job as a teacher, even though his teaching obviously means a great deal to him. A very touching compelling scene this episode leaves you hanging sort of, leaving you with extreme emotional residue as you are wondering what is going on after all this heavy emotional muck.

*phew* ok, thats all for now I believe, Now on to read everyone elses comments and probably make another post lol.
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Post by svenkid » Oct 4th 2006, 1:41 pm

Interesting that we get to see Rayanne making out with someone at school. Despite her "Slut Potential," we have only actually seen her making out with Joey the drummer up until now. True, we have heard her own description of making out with Mark Hammer in the orchestra pit during the talent show and seen a guy assault her in the Let's Bolt parking lot (as well as leaving the house on Cloverdale!), we haven't seen too much skanky behavior from her.
we saw her make out in the caar w/ someone the day that she was drunk at school passing out flyers to her party

2. I love how we finally get to see the "drama club" and how ricki slips out of the room, Mr. K see's it, but has to instantly regain composure and keep on with "drama club"

3. I love when kyle brings sharon the bear after he found it inthe urinal. lol, the bear was hanging by the neck from it's red necktie thing, too funny!

4. Also to show how much rickie was accepted in the chase house, patty kisses him and angela wheen she races off to work.

5. lastly, the scene where rickie comes backinto the house, and only hears the lasst part of the conversation, takes it the wrong way etc. is too typically TV'ish.
the episode so-called angels, does it to me every time!

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Post by AniAnnika » Oct 4th 2006, 1:55 pm

I don't think the part where Rickie takes Graham and Patty's conversation the wrong way is "too typically TV-ish." In fact, it is perfectly in his character...and he makes it even clearer why he leaves later in the episode when he's talking to Mr. Katimski...I believe Mr. Katimski says he is always welcome at Angela's house, and he says something to the effect of, "I know. And they're this really great family, and I know this sounds ungrateful, but in a way, that made me feel even lonlier." He doesn't feel unwelcome, so much as he feels like he doesn't fit. He feels like an outcast. It's his running theme.

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Post by svenkid » Oct 4th 2006, 7:31 pm

AniAnnika wrote:I don't think the part where Rickie takes Graham and Patty's conversation the wrong way is "too typically TV-ish." In fact, it is perfectly in his character...and he makes it even clearer why he leaves later in the episode when he's talking to Mr. Katimski...I believe Mr. Katimski says he is always welcome at Angela's house, and he says something to the effect of, "I know. And they're this really great family, and I know this sounds ungrateful, but in a way, that made me feel even lonlier." He doesn't feel unwelcome, so much as he feels like he doesn't fit. He feels like an outcast. It's his running theme.

I was just saying that as a plot line twist it is very cliche-ish
I mean its been used in many shows, even the andy griffith show, when opie runs away from home, that's all
the episode so-called angels, does it to me every time!

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Re: Discussion for Episode 16: Resolutions

Post by Bacchante » Sep 22nd 2010, 12:54 pm

On an unrelated note (and 4 years after the last post here ;)):
I think the scene where Jordan tells Angela she could have sex with him if she wanted to help, and her reaction of semi-hysterical laughter, is amazing! It seems so real, and so psychologically accurate. It's note cute or anything like the hallway scene, but I think it's still one of the best scenes in this show, for me at least. Just because it's so psychologically intense.
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Re: Discussion for Episode 16: Resolutions

Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Sep 23rd 2010, 4:13 am

I also like it because Angela spends a lot of time overanalyzing things and sometimes hiding how she truly feels. When she laughs, it's an honest reaction without any thought or agenda.

Another reason why I like this moment is that although she still has feelings for Jordan, she has clearly made up her mind that she is not going to sleep with him any time soon and that hasn't changed since her decision in Pressure. The thought of going from helping with his homework to having sex with him is so absurd that she can't NOT laugh.
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Re: Discussion for Episode 16: Resolutions

Post by Kbranagh » Nov 22nd 2020, 9:04 am

Very good and very well made episode!
I really appreciated that after "So Called Angels" the writers insisted to make an episode focus again on the Rickie's character! A new and different spin for the show and more adult approach! Good dynamic yet again with his character and mr.katimsky and..... Winnie Holzman return with more than a cameo but with a very strong scenes for the character and the journey of Rickie! I'm very curious to see how this convivence with his teacher is gonna evolved!
The episode also move forward in a big way with the character of Graham and his new job projects! I love his character and i can't wait to see the opening of the restaurant....( 3 episodes left, maybe there is no time) also...as i suspect a few episode ago the writers want to bring back the infedelity thing, now is more clear what the Hallie's character is here for! The next episode is Called "Betrayal" i bet that is reffered to Graham and Hallie.
However the best thing about this episode is not Brian and Angela like always but weirdly the all subplot with Brian and Jordan!! :-P After the brief scene in the "Zit" we never saw this two togheter and all the gag with the pencil and the dating are amazing and very well written! Priceless to see also Angela jelous of the new "friendship" of Jordan and Brian.

Ps. The resolution montage at the beginning is amazing, one of the best montage so far, the part of Angela and the line " i'm way too introspective" sooo true. :lol:

Grade: B+
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