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Sascha Team Team
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Spring is back!

Post by Sascha » Mar 16th 2005, 5:17 am

Time to dig out this old thread...

It's spring!! Finally!! :D :D :D :D
Well, at least here in Germany. Until last week we had lots of snow with temperatures well below -5°C ... but that's all forgotten now -- today we have blue skies, lots of sunshine and +20°C. Even the air smells like summer.

(Can you tell that I hate winter ? ;-))

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Post by SanDeE* » Mar 16th 2005, 9:26 am

It's starting to get nice here in Missouri, also. The highs are usually 50F-55F. But it still gets fairly chilly at night, and for some reason my (steam) heat is off already in my apartment, and hasn't been on in two days, so it's pretty darn cold in here! Since the apartment locks in the cold overnight, and can't seem to warm up during the day. It's warmer outside than it is inside. Anyway, it's supposed to rain all week next week, but still be in the 50s.

I like winter, but the thing I don't like about it is when it's really really cold, but there is no snow. The snow makes the cold worth it, in my opinion.
Um, in my room, one seam is a little off and I stare at it constantly. It's, like, destroying me.


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Post by emmie » Mar 16th 2005, 1:18 pm

I feel ya Sascha, I absolutely hate the cold! and though our winter here in the south only lasts about 3 months, it's still too long for me. I'm on spring break right now and the weather is kind of poor with rain and such. but I know that beginning next week, it's going to be beautiful. and savannah is a very fairy-tale like city when the sun is out, so I can't wait! :jumplaugh:

my last apartment was like that Kristin, it kept the cold and heat in when you least wanted it. I loved the old character of the place, but I'm glad now to be in a well-insulated home!

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Natasha (candygirl) Team Team
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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Mar 16th 2005, 5:23 pm

It was raining for ages up here (we had a five foot wide puddle that wouldn't go away because the ground was so saturated), but the weekend of my birthday the weather turned warm and sunny! It has been in the mid 70s for over a week now, so I was able to wear my summer clothes for the first time in months. Ahhh, skirts, tank tops, flip flops - how I missed you! It's supposed to start raining tomorrow though.

Our house is like yours Kristin - when it's cold outside, it's freezing in the house. A few weeks ago, it was below 50 in our bathroom. When it's hot, the house becomes a humid sweat box - last summer it was over 90 degrees and about 90% humidity in the house with no air circulation. It's such a cute house, but it's old and was originally used as a summer getaway place so they didn't build it for year round living.
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Post by starbug » Mar 17th 2005, 7:45 am

The sunshine just has that ability to make me smile!
When we came back from NZ, and since then, it's been super-cold: just above freezing. Which coming from tropical climes, is depressing. However, yesterday, the sun broke through, it's up to around 15C, and at the weekend it's meant to get to 20C!


What's especially nice is that yesterday was my last class of the year - all I've got to do now is a little bit of catch-up, and revise. I've got the summer free(ish) to enjoy the sun. Lovely!


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Post by Nostradamus » Mar 20th 2005, 6:23 pm

The other day it was warm enough for some of the young ladies of the neighborhood to play volleyball in a yard not far from my window. Always nice to see the Spring foliage...

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pgh kenny
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Post by pgh kenny » May 26th 2005, 2:37 pm

Finally some sun. I am going to hang out in NYC for Memorial Day Weekend. Anyone else have plans for this weekend???

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Post by starbug » May 26th 2005, 2:47 pm

Humph. It was around 75 today, and my only plan for the weekend is revision. Wouldn't you know, it has been raining and miserable for months here, and then on the day of my first exam, it will be 28 degrees. thats the high seventies I think. :wink:


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