Did Angela get on your nerves at certain moments?

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Post by inhirnamy137 » Mar 24th 2003, 2:30 pm

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Post by Guest » May 15th 2003, 4:39 am

Angela is a young person, still learning about the world.Her mistakes were cracking me up because they were so innocent and a bit naive.She is a bit self-centered, but aren't we all?I think she is a very good person(sensitive, emotional, considerate), and very beatiful if I might add.As for Jordan, the only episode where she was very pushy is WJCR,which was not the product of her pushy nature, it was her inexperiance in relationships that led her to that kind of behaviour.I think she learned her lesson in a hard way, but the most important thing is that she is ready to learn and ready to change.
As for people who think that she is homely,I think they feel that way because of her grunge style(plaid,baggy clothes etc..),but I know a lot of people who think that she is very pretty-beautiful face, nice skin, nice body("okay, she 's not a cyberbomb or sth., but she is fine"-a person who said that saw other Claire Danes' projects)...


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I think that if Angela wasnt as self centered, it wouldnt be as realistic....

I thought her actions and the way she treated people was perfect.. just the way it was.

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Post by lithiumkat » May 20th 2003, 1:56 am

I see what you are saying, sometimes Angela "annoyed" me too-if you want to put it that way, especially, when I got my best friend to watch the "On the Wagon" episode with me. And we were like "UGHHH" cuz Ang treats Ray like s**t most of the time in this episode, but as I've said before, and I KNOW others have said, it's like in real life, sometimes people do things and you are like, GOD what is WRONG with you?!?

And that's what makes these charachters believable, that's what makes them real, that's what makes it believable that Angela could have been a girl I knew that went to my school...she could have been one of my friends.

That's what makes all these charachters real, the times when you want to yell at Rayanne for doing something dumb. The times when you want to shake Angela for saying something so dumb, or being so damn insensitive. Or the times when you roll your eyes and want to tell Sharon or Brian to shut up and go away and stop being so anal.

And it's not an all the time thing, just also like in real life sometimes you get so mad at your best friend, that you hate her guts and you never want to see her again, but deep down you know that after awhile you guys will talk and you will get over it because you love her so much and you can't live without her and you miss her like crazy. (I personally believe that Angela and Rayanne would've made up, despite how wrong it was for Rayanne to sleep with Jordan)

Anyway, I had more to say but my mom just came home, and is talking to me and getting my mind all off track and stuff, so I am just gonna post this and add more later if I feel like it. :)
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