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Post by fnordboy » Jun 4th 2003, 2:35 pm

candygirl wrote:
fnordboy wrote: Speaking of Best Buy, the South Park S2 set came out yesterday and supposedly BB has an exclusive bonus disc. I'll have to find out what's on it to see if it's worth the drive to BB (and the extra $8).
Yeah it comes with an "exclusive" bonus disc that contains the unedited/unaired Cartman Gets an Anal Probe pilot episode. Or something like that.

I say "exclusive" because since Best Buy owns a bunch of other store I am pretty sure you can get it in Sam Goody, Suncoast, MediaPlay, and whatever else they own as well.

I am not entirely sure if that is true (that the others will be stocking them), but that is what I heard and I know for a fact that Best Buy owns all those. Of course, BEst Buy will be the cheapest so you might want to just take the drive.

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