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Post by DVDOwner » Dec 25th 2002, 1:49 am

Merry Christmas Everybody :!:

I've just put "So-Called Angels" in :!: (Thanks Jason :!: )

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Post by Nostradamus » Dec 25th 2002, 8:13 am

My family moved around a lot when my brother and I were little, so we always had a rather cosmopolitan Christmas tree. It was not uncommon for an Arabian camel to hang next to an New Orleans street car, which was next to a Chinese lantern, with the traditional candy canes and tinsel mixed throughout.

Almost as much fun as Christmas was our annual New Year's Conflagration. Never content to simply watch someone else's fireworks display, we had to put on our own. My mother had fond childhood memories of Christmas tree bonfires, and my father didn't seem to mind, as long as we refrained from setting fire to the house. Our neighbors were always impressed by our massive stockpile of store bought fountains and noise-makers, but after they went to bed we entertained ourselves with... how shall I say... improvisation. Heavy snow years were the best, as there was little fear of accidental ignition of residential units. Perhaps the best example was the time we built, and gradually incinerated, "Frosty The Volcano". You may think it is impossible to burn snow, but I assure you that, with enough effort, and various chemical concoctions, it is not only possible, but highly entertaining!

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Post by lance » Dec 25th 2002, 1:04 pm

Hey all,

Well last night was for us the big night. Being in a multi-parental unit configuration (see previous threads) one can never have just one holiday. So last night the festivites began. About 6:30 the entire crew showed up: My dad, his wife, my sister and birthday girl, my three half-sisters, one half-brother, my wife and myself. Oh and a cat and dog were also present.

There was a huge tree in the corner, bolted to the wall (think Grizzwald big here) with presents piled underneath. The tree had previously collapsed, its fall having been broken by my sister (hee, hee). Before dinner we were enterainted by half sib Lauren who insisted on seperating the large present mass into more manageable piles according to receipent for faster unwrapping.

I have several photos of her with legs sticking out of the tree. Finally several kind of distinct, piles could be seen strewn on the floor. We ate turkey dinner, which was great. Though throughout the meal one could feel the urgency and greed that filled the room. Eveyone knew that we would unwrap presents once the meal was done. Several family members were urged to "Hurry up already!" so the carnage could be begin.

Then the destruction began, slowly at first, orderly even. We went in order of age, youngest to the oldest. An hour later all pretense of order was gone, people and animals were covered in wrapping paper. I waded through with my garbage bags in tow, helpless to keep up with the gathering mound of paper and bows.

Everyone liked what they got. I did well. I got several Houston Rockets shirts, tough to find in Houston these days due to the popularity of center Yao Ming. I also got Star Trek Movies I-VI on DVD. Sweet. Didn't see that one coming.

Today is Christmas and my sister's birthday. In honor of this special occasion we will eat out and see the Two Towers again. Yes!

To all MSCLers everywhere:


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Post by countess_of_wit » Dec 25th 2002, 3:26 pm

Merry Christmas to all! I hope this day finds you all happy and safe with your families. I am with mine, and "borrowing" my mother's computer to be here, mine got fried on Saturday during a power outage.

So, holiday traditions, huh? This year I started a new one, I got married on Saturday! So, very little in the way of Christmas giftage came my way.... hee!hee! My family was great through the whole thing. Luckily I got my MSCL DVD's in time for Christmas. And a couple of wonderful days honeymoon at a ski resort. Fun, fun, as I don't ski, but my husband does, so took a few wild tours down the bunny hill, and then windowshopped and sat in front of a warm, toasty fire.

Anyway, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all MSCL'ers!

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Post by KrokRos » Dec 25th 2002, 3:52 pm

Our tradition has almost vanished but this is how it should be:

If it's at home we start the day with one gift for me when I get out of bed :) And then all the rpeparations for our relatives coming, accutally it's grandma and granpa and the other granma. And my family is me and my parents. Mom is cooking and making the food ready. I run around waiting for everyone to come. At noon they start arriving.
We put the gifts under the tree in the livingroom and have some xmas nuts and "Glögg" (mulled wine) with raisins and almonds. And maybe some gingerbread biscuits and Lucia buns.
And in my family the traditions acctually colide. My tradition is to watch Donald Duck and Arne Weise at 3 p.m. but my parents are still setting up for xmas dinner. I watch it alone or maybe with my grandma. Everybody else is chatting in the kitchen.
After Donald Duck it's 4 p.m and we eat dinner. After that they have to do all the dishes before we can open the presents and that sucks. But then finally we do and then we eat some candy and drink coffee and maybe the tv is still on with some xmas concert playing.

We celibrate xmas on the 24th and pretty much do nothing on the 25th. Now we just wait for New Year.
Happy Christmas everone! God Jul och Gott Nytt År!
Make it count.

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Post by K-man » Dec 27th 2002, 10:33 am

Nostradamus....YOU killed Frosty!?!!!! Sacrilege!!!!! Just kidding, actually my snowman was murdered one year also. Upon finishing our giant snowman, my cousin and I stepped back to admire him when my older brother dashed from the house with his new christmas present. (a semi-automatic 20 guage shotgun) and proceeded to pump 5 blasts to Frosty's head. Maybe not as exciting as actually burning snow but Frosty certainly had seen better days. :twisted:
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MSCL.com Team
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how off topic can i get in the off topic forum?!

Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Dec 28th 2002, 11:58 pm

My Italian teacher had us read the original Pinocchio story. Imagine the day when she warned us that Pinocchio kills Jiminy Cricket! There were audible gasps.


It's true though!
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