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Post by Howard » Nov 20th 2002, 5:46 pm

Now that it's been cancelled, can I raise my hand for wanting a boxed set of the 10 to 13 episodes of Birds of Prey? Thanks. :)

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Post by Sammi » Nov 20th 2002, 8:10 pm

Birds of Prey- cancelled? I heard talk about it, but I never really thought the WB would cancel it. It was a good show, but it was a little too girly and not dark enough. I would have thought they would have given it at least one season to see how good it would have done. Who knows the story lines could have gotten better as the show aged, kind of the reverse of Dark Angel. Dark Angel went from a really good first season to a second season which seemed like a totally different show. Speaking of dark angel I would probably by the first season on DVD.

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Post by Calhoun07 » Nov 20th 2002, 10:36 pm

I saw potential with Birds of Prey. A LOT of potential. I think that they were doing what Smallville did in the first episodes of that series, and that is set up quite a few things to spring board off of later on. Smallville really wasn't that great starting out, but now the series is just awesome. Birds of Prey had what it takes to be awesome, once the dynamic of the good vs. evil came into play a whole lot more, especially with Quinzell and the potential that she enters back into the Harley persona. And of course we needed to see the return of Batman to Gotham. Shame that this show is being aborted. For genre TV, it was good. I think comic book fans are so fickle when it comes to TV shows based on comics, I swear they are never happy and have to nit pick these things to death. I don't know how it compared to the comics, I never read them, but on it's own, it was good. I do hope WB puts it on DVD to recoup some money they won't make off of syndication.

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