hair as a metaphor

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Post by wicked » Nov 8th 2004, 11:41 am

Nostradamus wrote:Didn't Camille say something about men only liking long blonde hair? Heh, I always liked Hallie more than Camille. And I definitely like redheads!

I think she says men like long hair and for you to wear red. :D
BEING a red head by choice not birth ( artificial intelligence as I like to call it!) I think to go red is a very bold step...well now I would wouldn't I? snerk.
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Post by TooCool4Skool » Nov 24th 2004, 10:06 pm

As the show progresses, Angela's "Crimson Glow" hair somewhat fades. Even though this can be seen as something normal (hair color fading), but could it also symbolize Angela's state of mind? She changed her hair, to change her life- to stop holding herself back. Could it be with her hair fading, that she sub-consciously is realizing that her old life wasn't that bad- that her old friend, family, ... even, and most importantly, Brian isn't as bad as she thought? Her hair isn't going back to it's normal color, which would mean Angela is going back to how she was, but it is fading... maybe showing that the "Rayanne life" isn't as great as it seems... and that she is just toning it down a bit?? :shock:

Just curious what you all think.

Sorry if this has been mentioned before
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Re: hair as a metaphor

Post by Max Vasquez » Dec 30th 2009, 5:52 am

I have been loving all this analysis! There is so much in MSCL!

This thread makes me think of when Sharon admits her friendship with Rayanne in the last (next-to-last?) episode, when the two girls are talking in the bathroom. Rayanne has lots of little braids, and Sharon tugs on one of them as she says "Duh, squared," as in "You messed up but I like you anyway." Affirming the crazy artistic hair as a way of affirming Rayanne.

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