I lost it...

Discussion on bringing the show back on tv. Is "My So-Called Life" going to be shown in your country? Note: See international airdates from the last years here.
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I lost it...

Post by Guest » May 7th 2000, 6:38 pm

So guess what happened day before yesterday. I sat down to have breakfast and opened the newspaper,
starting with the TV section as always, and had a major surprise, MSCL is on tonight!!!!
I've been totally obsessed with MSCL for several years after it stopped, maybe even until now.
So without even thinking about it i quickly finished eating and just ran out and bought a pack of
videotapes to tape it, i mean it was like instinctively or whatever it's called. Since they cancelled
the show i've been thinking that when they do a rerun i just have to tape it, i have to.
But when i came back i woke up or something, like, it was 5 years since i i first saw the show,
i'm old now, way to OLD to be watching this show!
The sadest thing was that i felt almost nothing when i watched it, i just can't relate to it anymore,
like i did when it first ran. It was so special then, now it's just another show....
I can't even remember my feelings from when i was about the same age as the characters, and it's freaking me out!
I just had to tell someone, someone who had the same feelings as i did for the show when it was on originally.

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Re: I lost it...

Post by Alee » May 8th 2000, 7:11 pm

That sounds really, really depressing... I would like to think that would never happen, but...

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Re: I lost it...

Post by oldguy » May 10th 2000, 1:49 pm

I'm just trying to figure out, Mr. Anonymous, where you
were that the show was playing May 7 ---- It certainly
wasn't playing where I live. Do you live in the US?
What channel?


Re: I lost it...

Post by Guest » May 12th 2000, 4:12 pm

I live in sweden.
Just saw the 2:nd episode, and i was wrong, it _is_ still as good as i remembered it!
Bummer though, i missed the first 20 minutes, now i've got to set every alarm clock
i have so i don't miss the next one.

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Re: I lost it...

Post by ataris » May 12th 2000, 5:48 pm

Glad to hear that you still like MSCL. I think that once you haven't seen it in a while you forget how good it is.

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Thank Goodness!

Post by mia » May 12th 2000, 11:37 pm

I am, as some would say, too old to appreciate MSCL. And yet, I adore it. I'm glad to hear you have not, in fact, lost the magic that is MSCL. I can breathe easier now. Sorry to sound "corny," but this show means the world to me, and it hurts to hear that someone has lost the magic. Glad to hear you're not one of those people!

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