in dreams begin responsibilities

General discussion about the nineteen episodes of "My So-Called Life". Note: Our episode guide can be found here.
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in dreams begin responsibilities

Post by cworky » Oct 27th 2004, 7:48 am

ok so i saw this episode last night, but i read the transcript before i saw it..and the transcript made it sound really really good...but it wasnt reallt that good...i mean the ending..was just kinda..blah, nothing that exciting happened, well except when angela and jordan made out in the hall, but i think if they had made more episode, graham and halley would've had like an affair or something...but i guess its kinda good that angela found out that brian likes her, but the thing we dont know is, how does angela feel about brian?
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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Oct 27th 2004, 8:04 pm

There is already a discussion thread about this episode here and a thread about Graham and Hallie here, as well as some threads that address the eternal Brian vs. Jordan question:
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Could Angela and Brian ever hit it off as a couple?
How did you continue MSCL in your mind?
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