Discussions about the production process of the show (locations, shooting order, or any other technical aspects).
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Post by K-man » Sep 22nd 2001, 8:38 pm

This message is directed to M Glenn but also to anyone who may offer any input concerning this matter. First of all, let me echo the sentiments of several Lifer's by saying that since about 8am Tues morning Sep 11th life has kinda been a blur and MSCL seems little more than a pleasant memory from the way things "use to be". Please understand that in the wake of the changes we are all facing and will continue to face in the times ahead, I in NO WAY intend to discount the severity of what has happend in New York, Wash. DC, PA and the world in general. But; as the president and many others are urging us to do I am making an attempt to go on living life as normal. Or at least as close as we can all come to normal.
I listen to Howard Stern in the mornings and have found his coverage and commentary on the events in NYC quite interesting. After all his studio is only 4 miles from the World Trade Center. He has taken several calls from people around NYC, some right in the middle of ground zero, over the past week or so. One morning a listener called in and my ears perked up as he told his story. He said he worked in Manhattan I think and b/c of the bombings his co. was laying off lots of people including him. What caught my attention was that he mentioned he worked for BMG. All Lifer's know that BMG holds the rights to MSCL and the pending release of the entire series on DVD. Has anyone heard more details on this matter? Is BMG in trouble? Is the whole DVD petition out the window? Can anyone shed any light on this matter? Your input is greatly appreciated. For the record, Howard Stern is a fan of MSCL. In Spring 1998 when the series was running nightly on MTV, Stern once commented with regard to Claire Danes,"I love that show she's on on MTV. I watch it every night.". Thanks to anyone who can help.


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