Night Visions

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Night Visions

Post by Guest » Sep 17th 2001, 5:31 pm

About two weeks ago, the show "Night Visions" on Fox had a hommage(?) to MSCL. For those that haven't seen the show, NV is kind of Twilight-Zoney. On Thursday nights, Fox plays two 30-minute episodes back to back (hosted by Henry Rollins). Anyway, the show I caught was titled "My So-Called Life and Death."

It was about a teenage girl stuck on vacation with her parents and younger brother in a remote vacation home. There were quite a few voice-overs like Angela did. Even in the opening scene, after the girl argued with her mother, the voice-over said "Lately I can't even look at my mother without wanting to stab her...repeatedly - some girl said that in an old TV show..."

Other than those obvious MSCL influences, the show wasn't very MSCL-like. Honestly, it was kind of like a bad piece of fan fiction, lol. Basically the girl had "fallen in love" with the caretaker of the vacation home. But each time she tried to talk to him, he completely ignored her. Finally she realized he was a ghost (after he walked through her), so she tried to communicate with him. She got through a few times and well...I won't ruin the surprise ending (hint: look at the title). :)

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Re: Night Visions

Post by adam » Sep 18th 2001, 11:07 am

i just went on to a site for the show and its not on anymore. it was a summer show. but they had all the episodes listed and they had 26 but only 20 went on the air guess it was cancelled. it's more like MSCL then they planed. i wish i could have seen the episode and the show it seemed cool.

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Re: Night Visions

Post by SodaJerk » Sep 18th 2001, 12:08 pm

Well if that isn't the most bizarre thing ever, I don't know what is!

Well I admit, there are way weirder things than that... But I've never heard of that show, so now I'm confused.


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