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Danton Stone & Nada Despotovich in Series 7 (2001)

Posted: Jan 10th 2002, 9:26 pm
by Dengar
just wondering if any one out there has seen the movie "Series 7"? its supposed to be a satire of reality shows, and the goal is to kill all the other playes. its realy, kind of funny in a sick way. any way, the point: the people in the movie are supposed to be real, and of course they were all unknows, wich i thought was very nice for the film to make it seem more real yaknow. well, that was all ruined when (gasp) Uncle Niel poped up on screen as the father of one of the players! "wow" i thought, "hes still in the acting buis". furthering my surprise, another face poped up from MSCL, Ms. Mayhew! she was the wife of a player. 2 MSCL actors in the same movie, (besides Angela and Jordan). so if youre looking for something to rent one night, and can handle a little bit of senceless violence, check it out.

Re: Series 7 (movie)

Posted: Jan 13th 2002, 9:15 am
Thanx for the heads up on this one. I had never heard of it until reading your post, but it definitely sounds interesting. And it's always fun to see actors from your favorite shows appear in other projects. Succeeding in different roles is the true test of whether or not someone is good at his or her craft.

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