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current pictures of cast members

Posted: Jan 26th 2003, 1:50 pm
by SanDeE*
We all know what Claire and Jared look like now, but I haven't seen any other cast members of MSCL in a long time on TV or movies. I was wondering where I can find updated pictures of everyone? Forgive me if there are some on this site and I'm just internet inept. Thanks!

Posted: Jan 26th 2003, 4:51 pm
by GaryEA
Check out this page for some comparison pics.

There are a ton of web sites for various members of the cast, most of them for Claire. One idea to do an image search on Google for each cast member. You'll find a lot of pics from various times.

If you still have trouble, let me know. I can try to give an assist. :)