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New Chat Software

Posted: Apr 24th 2002, 9:12 am
by Sascha
Hey everyone!

We just finished installing a new chat software at MSCL.COM. You can test it with your browser at
You need to have Java installed and activated in your browser - the applet is about 160 KB huge, so it may take some time to start on slower connections.

It's based on IRC, so if you're experienced with chatting via IRC, you can use a stand-alone IRC client like mirc or ircII and connect to the following server:, Port 6667 or 6668, Channel #mscl

If you have any problems, report them here or email me (

Feel free to setup/coordinate chat times with other users in our forum-category "Chat".

Have fun chatting!


Re: New Chat Software

Posted: Apr 24th 2002, 12:48 pm
by K-man
Thanks very much Sascha! Outstanding job! Anybody wanna chat?

So my feeling is, whatever happens, happens. K-man