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New website section: Papers and Essays

Posted: Mar 23rd 2005, 7:22 am
by Sascha
Over the past years, we've received many emails at from students (and teachers!) about the show and how they could use it in their lessons or they were asking questions for their papers about "My So-Called Life". Some teachers use episodes or scenes of the show in their classes. Students have told us that they wrote long essays about the show.

So I decided to dedicate a special section of the website to stuff like this. It can be found in our so-called "Library" at . The first paper is by Lauren Boc.

If students (or teachers) would like to share their work with a wider audience and see their papers posted here on -- just send me an electronic copy of the work (to sab AT mscl DOT com) and I'll put it online.

And a note to students trying to copy these essays and submit them as their own work in their classes: Your teachers know how to use Google too :)

Posted: Nov 8th 2005, 3:48 am
by Sascha
I added a new essay today: Romantic Themes in "My So-Called Life"
by Nicole Pristash.