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Important Announcement regarding the AU Customer Forum

Posted: May 11th 2004, 11:17 am
by Sascha
In an attempt to clear the air and address certain issues MSCL.COM is making the following statement:

a) MSCL.COM does not have, and has not had, a business relationship with, or any other company. MSCL.COM is supporter financed, operated, and hosted.

b) MSCL.COM was manipulated and deceived by Ross Rojek and his enterprise. Some customers think that MSCL.COM was behind all this and sold the sets. This is not correct. Our previous efforts to correct's mistakes and Ross Rojek's frauds may have reinforced the (mistaken) perception that MSCL.COM is a successor to Again, this is simply not true.

c) Therefore, we will lock, and/or remove (but not delete), from public access, the "AnotherUniverse MSCL DVD Customer Forum". If you would like to discuss the DVDs among yourselves, you may use the DVD forum. However, we will not permit discussion related to AU, its bankruptcy, its products, or its indicted CEO. If you would like to discuss anything related to AU, please find a forum better suited to that topic, such as . (Note: MSCL.COM is not a part of, or a party to, this site.)

We admire the effort Jason Rosenfeld put forth in getting the DVDs released, and we are grateful that, in the end, it has been successful. But from our perspective the issues concerning AnotherUniverse and Mr. Rojek are not relevant to our self-proclaimed mandate: to provide a positive and enriching environment for past, present, and future viewer's of "My So-Called Life."

A listing of MSCL.COM's principal members and operators may be found on the Credits page.

Posted: May 13th 2004, 4:17 pm
by JPP13

I'm away for a while, and check in to see that Rokek was arrested? Nice!


Posted: May 16th 2004, 1:20 am
by So-Called Loon
JPP13 wrote:HOLY COW!

I'm away for a while, and check in to see that R___ was arrested? Nice!
Ditto :!:

:shock: After reading the articles and missed threads here... :shock:


mind blown... :shock:

...just... no words... :shock:

...must... regain... com–posure... :shock: :shock:


:lol: :D :D