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Server Outage

Posted: Feb 16th 2004, 10:50 pm
by mglenn
Sorry folks musta had a power bump here on Sunday morning at about 4 am and I wasn't home to know about it.

For the exciting reasons why see my new thread here

Posted: Feb 26th 2004, 10:38 am
by mglenn
Just a heads up that I'm going to have to shut the power off at my house one more time this weekend sometime to wire up a new outlet next to the main panel in the house. (Power for two ethernet hubs, as well as my vonage phone unit, at my new cental wiring setup.)

The only other planned outage then is when I move the server upstairs to its new permenant home (out of my living room :D One less fan running)

Not sure when that move will happen exactly yet, but when it does it will be very short.

Posted: Jun 20th 2004, 2:56 am
by Nostradamus
I noticed the site was down a little while ago (at least for me) and the news section has something about a tree limb taking out a power line? Or was that older news?

Posted: Jun 20th 2004, 6:39 am
by Sascha
The "tree incident" was on June 7t. There were no outages since then -- at least not longer than 15 minutes (the server uptime gets checked automatically every 15 minutes).