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We are back!

Posted: Jul 25th 2001, 3:38 pm
by Sascha
Finally: We are back online. And the forum works too. And the server is way faster than ever before. Whohoo. Praise 64 Megabytes RAM! Praise Mike for installing yet another noisy linux box in his house ;-)

Expect some great new features in the next months on the site...


Re: We are back!

Posted: Jul 25th 2001, 4:20 pm
by mglenn
I don't have alot of time right now, but I'll be posting the events of the past week in the near future so that you can all revel in the fun I had of the last week and a half... Suffice to say that the server now has a 20 Gig drive and 64MB or RAM instead of 700M drive and 32MB of RAM :-)

Mike Glenn
Project Manager for MSCL.COM

Re: We are back!

Posted: Jul 26th 2001, 10:57 pm
by Joanna
YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We've missed you!

"And dance by the light of the moon!"

Re: We are back!

Posted: Jul 30th 2001, 5:39 pm
by mglenn
Alrighty here goes...

I've tried to block this from my memory, but hey memorys of life and the hell that it can be are what this site is all about! As I write this I'm smilin and listening to Oldguys Soundtrack! Anyway on to the story:

Sat. July 14th: Went to the parents place to pick up the server from its temp home. Brought it back to my place. Hooked it up and made backups of all the needed info and transfer that off to a spare system. Took the system apart and cleaned out a year or so of dust bunnies.

Sun. and Mon.: Spent the day rewiring the nightmare of cables that is my home entertainment system. What you ask does that have to do with an server, well I currently have 4 linux servers in my house and all but one is hooked to my home theater system in some way. I'm a gadget freak and a programmer and I'm told I have to much freetime, although I never feel that way. Anyway got the wiring straightened out and got a place made for the mscl server.

Tue: The real fun begins! Hooked up the new hard drive and started trying to install RedHat 7.1 Linux. System won't even boot past post... hmmm....

Wen: Scrap tryin to get the old server workin infavor of getting the server back online. put the new drive in spare system and attempt to install Linux. This time we get booted and the install starts out ok, but keeps bombing out at strange points. I'm gettin ticked!

Thurs: bring the new drive to work and put it in a spare system here, works like a charm, but for get to bring it home. Thus evening figure out that the video card was not seated firmly, this is why the system was not makin it past post.

Fri: Bring the drive home and install it in the original system and steal some memory from the second server I tried, box now 196MB of RAM. System keeps bombing... Finally figure out that the 128MB stick of RAM is bad. Thats what messed up the install on the second box.

Sat 21st: System has been kickin my ass for to long now, needed a break! When out for a ride with friends on the motorcycle all day. (1999 CBR F4 600)

Sun: Everything is working. I'm now a redhat install expert, can go from boot to configured install in under five minutes. Install the OS for the last time and download all the latest versions of the server software we need to run the site.

Monday: Configure and compile the server software and apply all the OS patches for 7.1, also get the latest linux kernel and compile it.

Tue: get the backups moved back on to the server. Some stuff still not right but the server is back up and accessible by the Project team. PHP isn't my thing (Java, Perl and C/C++ are) so Sascha logs in a works his magic, getting the server back up and working.

So there you have it for what its worth and historic sake!

Mike Glenn
Project Manager for MSCL.COM