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Any one missing tapes?

Posted: Jan 25th 2002, 7:47 pm
by Dengar
any one who is missing a few eps, and needs some copys, let me know. some eps are less than perfect but hey, its better than nothing. free of charge to all as well. please no requests for the whole serise. i do have no life yes, but thats a big request;)

Re: Any one missing tapes?

Posted: Jan 27th 2002, 6:36 pm
by Colene
haha, I would be the one with no life! I copy (shh) tapes all the time.

still offering??

Posted: Sep 17th 2002, 6:02 pm
by crimson_glow23

i would love to take you up on your offer if you are still making tapes! i have the first box set, and had some eps taped from when it was still on abc and then when they ran it on mtv, but i am still missing episode 6; the substitute, episode 7;why jordan can't read, episode 11;life of brian, and episode 14;on the wagon. i've been searching and, and just came across your offer. i know you posted your msg a long time ago, but i was wondering if you are still doing it. i am one of the hugest mscl fans.