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My So Called Life Goes On Book- WANTED!!!!

Posted: Jan 5th 2005, 2:15 pm
by TooCool4Skool
I would really like to read this- no matter how bad the reveiws are. So, if anyone has it laying on there shelf, i would be happy to take it off your hands- not for an outragous price though (Amazon and E-bay is about $85!) Please please please! :D

finding the book

Posted: Jan 7th 2005, 12:43 pm
by Teacher's Lunch
if you really want to read the book, you're best bet is to check your local library. often, libraries are part of networks that share books between them. so long as collectors haven't pillaged the library shelves as a source of cheap auction fodder, you should be able to find it in the youth literature section. If unsure, ask a librarian for help in finding it. They would also likely have resources to search for the book nationwide via library book-sharing programs.

If you're a collector, well, never mind what I just wrote. Leave the books alone so they can at least be read by those unwilling or unable to fork over $80 for a $4.99 list children's lit book.

Posted: Jan 27th 2005, 10:49 am
by Michelle
I had no idea it was such a hot item! Have you looked in every single book store? I found my copy (a couple of years ago now) at Chapters. It was pretty cheap. If I happen to see another copy I will grab one for you and post the news here.

Posted: Jan 27th 2005, 2:45 pm
by TooCool4Skool
Thanks, that would be very much appreciated! :)