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Posted: Sep 8th 1999, 8:10 am
by Guest
Well this is my first time on here so I don't know if I'm doing this right so I'll just get to the point. Can anyone help? I was wondering if anyone knows if MSCL is available to buy on video in britain? or if it will be on british telly at any point soon?
If possible email replies to Or just post the answer on the board! Thanks alot!

Re: British?

Posted: Sep 15th 1999, 11:47 am
by Guest
As far as I'm aware there are no plans to release MSCL on video here in the sunny (ahem) UK. Which is annoying. But we can always hope they'll change their minds.
There's certainly bad news on the repeats front, though. Channel 4 had the rights to show the series only twice, which they have already done in 1995
and 1997.
Looks like we're stuck with 'Hollyoaks' then. Joy.

Re: British?

Posted: Aug 16th 2001, 9:50 pm
by Duh Squared
Hey, I know this post is like way old, but I've been surfin the 'net tryin 2 find sumwhere selling MSCL box sets and Yahoo does, u gotta ship them over though :o(....but its so worth the money! I'm gonna do wen my dad lets me use his credit card ;o)...hope this gets to you...

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Re: British?

Posted: Aug 19th 2001, 1:07 am
by Joanna

My-So-Called-Life was aired twice in the UK (95 and 97 I think) and the contract for C4 stated that they could only air the series twice and so it won't be out in the UK again - unless you have sky and it is shown on their again. As for the videos, I know they were out in the US - but you can't get them here anymore, however there is a DVD petition (on this website) to get the entire series released on DVD in the US and hopefully the Uk too. Great show wasn't it!?

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Re: British?

Posted: Aug 21st 2001, 10:48 am
by jude
MSCL was also airing on trouble last year, but i've heard nothing more since, I still have my 1995 episodes from when it was aired on C4, but be careful if you're buying videos over the net - for a start there are only 12 out of the 19 episodes released on video, and they are out of print and so are very expensive - the first box set is the red one, and although not easy, it's much easier to get hold of this set than the blue one, i just saw the blue one advertised on ebay auctions for $194!!! - although I love MSCL i think this is a bit much to pay for 6 episodes!!! I think your best bet is to search the internet, I've managed to get hold of a few epidoes off, but it can work out pretty expensive - also be careful if you're buying these videos as they are in NTSC format (only work on american vcr's) although some new VCR's (like mine, luckily enough!) can play them, so check it out before you buy!! But hopefully the dvd set will be released soon!! If any MSCL fans in the Uk want to mail me, I'd be more thasn happy to hear from you - my address is -