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Posted: Dec 16th 2002, 1:17 pm
by bdckr
Looking for "Save My So-Called Life" T-shirts.

Does anyone else remember these? I picked one up a few years ago through Entertainment Weekly right after the show was cancelled. Mine is getting a little worn, and I was wondering if anyone knew where to get them.

It was a dark blue/purple with the "My So-Called Life" logo in white on the left chest, a big red "SAVE" running up the right front, and "My So-Called Life" in different sized blue/purple font (almost hidden) on the rest of the front of the shirt.

Any help appreciated.


Posted: Dec 16th 2002, 8:23 pm
by AngelaBee
hi, i saw one of those shirts on e-bay recently, but i couldn't tell if it was a copy or an original. the auction started at around $40, but i don't think anyone bid on it.