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Karma Matthew

Posted: Aug 17th 2000, 2:59 pm
by Lou
Hello, everyone! I'm a long-time fan of MSCL, but a new-time fan of computers. So, I'm just hooking up to everything now. And this web-site is amazing...
Anyway, I'm desperately looking for "The Seven" episodes not out on tape yet. I know Matthew made this amazing offer about a year ago to tape these episoded for others...
So, here's my plea: can anyone who was helped by Matthew help me out????
Spread the Karma, baby :) I would be most grateful if someone would help me out with "The Seven."
Thanks in advance.

Re: Karma Matthew

Posted: Sep 6th 2000, 7:56 pm
by Guest
i am not sure which 7 are not out on tape.. but i do have some episodes on tape from an old mtv marathon....

Re: Karma Matthew

Posted: Sep 7th 2000, 10:24 pm
by Lou
The seven episodes not on videotape are:
#9 - Halloween
#13 - Pressure
#14 - On the Wagon
#16 - Resolutions
#17 - Betrayal
#18 - Weekend
#19 - In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

I haven't seen these episodes since the original airings, so I really would appreciate a copy of these shows. Could you help??
Thanks sooooooooooo much for responding to my posting.

Re: Karma Matthew

Posted: Sep 7th 2000, 11:31 pm
by amandarock
i have 16 and 17.. i will check tomorrow to see if i have them in complete form.. i know over the years some parts have been accidently taped into by my siblings.. i would love to help... thanks for the advice in the email Lou.