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"My So Called Life" episodes for sale

Posted: Nov 13th 2002, 3:59 pm
by Guest
I am getting all 19 episodes. they will be on VHS and in NTSC format. I have not recieved them yet but when I do I will be selling them for $30. If interested email me and I will put you down on my list of people who want them and I will email you back when they become available. thanks :)

Posted: Nov 13th 2002, 4:01 pm
by Guest
my email address is

Posted: Nov 14th 2002, 4:51 pm
by Guest
i am lowering my price $20 for all episodes. if still interested email me at above address. thanks.

Posted: Apr 7th 2003, 8:34 am
by Guest
would they be able to be played on english vcr machines?

jodi xxx