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bonus disc transcript: help needed

Posted: Sep 4th 2004, 10:30 am
by Sascha (sab)
We're trying to put together a transcript of the entire bonus disc interview to be published in our "transcripts" section like we did with the episode transcripts.

Of course the interview is too long to be transcribed by only one person, so we need your support. I can't be of much help because I don't have a copy of the bonus disc, but candygirl offered to coordinate the transcribing efforts.

So anyone who owns the disc and would be willing to transcribe a few minutes of it, please post here. Candygirl will take over from here.

Thanks in advance!

Posted: Sep 4th 2004, 10:33 pm
by Nostradamus
I can start on that right away. Let me know if you need any particular time segment or a certain format...


Posted: Sep 4th 2004, 10:43 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
In order to divide up the work equally, I am going to wait a few days and see how many people are willing to help with the transcript and then we'll assign each person a segment. Hopefully we'll have enough people volunteer so that we'll have manageable segments.

Posted: Sep 4th 2004, 11:07 pm
by Nostradamus
BTW, I was noticing the legal text on the bonus disk and I assume transcription is legal, right? 'Cause if it ain't, I'll swear you guys made me do it. Just so you know.


Posted: Sep 4th 2004, 11:21 pm
by Nostradamus
OK, I did the easy quickie stuff first. Some notes: The word "disk" is spelled with both a "c" and a "k" throughout, and some text is in ALL CAPS; that is sic, not my bad typing. Words in parentheses indicate the location of transcript segments.
(Case Front Text)

MY so-called BONUS DISC

(Case Spine Text)


(Case Back Text)

Interview With
Marshall Herskovitz
Winnie Holzman
Ed Zwick

Tour of Bedford Falls

This product is authorized for private use only. All other rights reserved. Unless expressly authorized in writing by the copyright owner, any copying, exhibition, export, or distribution or other use of this product is strictly prohibited. Distributed by American Entertainment Group Inc., Sacramento, CA. Made In the USA. Copyright American Entertainment Group Inc.

(Disc Surface Text)

My So-Called Bonus Disk

This product is authorized for private use only. It is not authorized for any other use. All other rights reserved.

(Opening Disclaimer Text)



(Menu Screen Text)

MY so-called BONUS DISC




(Credits Text)

Special Thanks to

Everyone at

Bedford Falls

Our Interviewer Dan Fawkes

And Thank You To All The Fans

Posted: Sep 5th 2004, 12:14 am
by Jody Barsch*
I'll totally help. Although, it might take me a few weeks to find the time. This is a great idea.

Posted: Sep 5th 2004, 12:37 am
by Nostradamus
This is the "tour" of the Bedford Falls office. I may go back later and get some of the posters and such, though most were illegible due to camera motion. If anyone is still in touch with him, Dan Fawkes (I recall he said they misspelled his name in the credits) may be able to help decipher the audio.
(Tour Opening Text)

Conducted May 20th 2002

(Tour Transcript -- Audio)

Winnie Holzman: "Yeah."

<City noises as Dan Fawkes steps outside>

<Back inside offices, inaudible conversations in background>

<Speaking on telephone> Marshall Herskovitz: "Does he... report to Mitch? OK, I don't think..." <fades> "...For their side. Right, OK. Ok so we'll have, will we have a" <unintelligible> "list so we know who's who? OK, um, the only thing I would say is, I'll have a -- so you already talked to him about it? I should just run it by chuck real quick. ...Well, really I just want to talk to Chuck because maybe we..." <unintelligible> "...that's all. So, uh, will you just take a note that, that I should talk to Chuck about that at some point, regarding..." <unintelligible> "...we gave a pager..." <fades>

<Speaking to Dan Fawkes> Ed Zwick: "Hey!" <unintelligible> "What are you roaming around doing?"

Dan Fawkes: <inaudible>

Ed Zwick: "B-roll!"

Dan Fawkes: "B-roll, right."

Ed Zwick: "How did I know."

Dan Fawkes: "You know, it's gotta be, gotta be enough footage..."

<unintelligible overlap>

Ed Zwick: "...kidnap me..." <unintelligible> "Wanna come in the bathroom with me..." <unintelligible> "Get the whole..."

Unknown office worker: "Lock it." <speaking to Dan Fawkes> "Just get the part that looks organized and clean, all right?"

Dan Fawkes: "Oh yeah, definitely."

<overlapping conversations among workers in background>

Posted: Sep 5th 2004, 1:44 am
by Nostradamus
Well, after going back and making extensive use of the pause and frame-by-frame advance features on DVD player many of the posters, awards, and other office highlights were indeed clearly visible. This transcript simply identifies some of them for those of you who don't have my incredible patience.

(Tour -- Images)

Large, framed scene from It's A Wonderful Life.

Framed poster for Traffic.

Framed poster, Shakespeare In Love.

Framed poster, Dangerous Beauty.

A shelf with many trophies, one of which is "THE HUMANITAS PRIZE" for Edward Zwick. Another bears the markings of the PGA and "PRODUCERS GUILD OF AMERICA".

A framed poster leaning on a wall is partially visible through a doorway, revealing the name of actress Catherine Zeta Jones.

A framed scene from an old black & white film, title unknown. The actors are dressed in middle eastern garb.

A closed door is marked with Japanese characters and, in english, "SAMURAI". It is most likely a reference to The Last Samurai, which was then uder production.

A figure of C. Montgomery Burns, of The Simpsons, stands astride a computer monitor.

Framed poster, About Last Night

An unidentified framed picture shows two black silhouettes against a red background.

A disembodied hand adorns a cubicle wall.

Framed posters, Courage Under Fire and The Siege.

Two plaques sit on a shelf. One reads "With Sincere Appreciation To ONCE AND AGAIN" with a citation in smaller print. The other bears the logo of the American Film Institute and reads "AFI 2000", again with a small citation.

A wall clock displays "BEDFORD FALLS USA" in neon letters.

A series of framed black & white photographs and movie stills line a hallway.

Posted: Sep 5th 2004, 3:03 am
by Greybird
I'd be happy to help with the transcript -- just parcel out up to 10 minutes for me.

The first half will have more changes of "dialogue," as that was before Ed Zwick departed to attend to business matters, leaving Marshall and Winnie.

You can definitely transcribe this without looking at the screen, if anyone hasn't seen this yet. Their voices are distinctive and the camera doesn't move.

(I just bought the "MSCL" DVDs proper on eBay. But you can get almost anything else there, as I have. The last thing this 40something needed was a lunchbox, but others aren't attached to the bonus disc. One virtue of eBay is that such items can be "marketed" separately.)

Posted: Sep 5th 2004, 3:40 am
by Natasha (candygirl)
Nostradamus wrote:OK, I did the easy quickie stuff first. Some notes: The word "disk" is spelled with both a "c" and a "k" throughout, and some text is in ALL CAPS; that is sic, not my bad typing. Words in parentheses indicate the location of transcript segments.
Hee, I noticed this as well and remarked upon it in the bonus materials thread because as happy as I was to receive my disc/k, it cracked me up that they couldn't just pick one spelling and go with it.


Posted: Sep 6th 2004, 4:26 am
by Sascha (sab)
Nostradamus wrote:This is the "tour" of the Bedford Falls office.
A short excerpt from that studio tour is BTW still available on our site from the days when the AU s**t didn't had hit the fan yet.

Posted: Sep 6th 2004, 5:19 am
by starbug
I would also be willing to help with this. I should be able to do some while at work... 8)
just let me know what time segment you want me to do and I should be able to do it soon.

Posted: Sep 17th 2004, 7:39 am
by Nostradamus
I was going to include this with my section of the transcript, but it doesn't really have anything to do with the interview, so here is what I found out about that perty pikchure on the wall...

A framed reproduction of a section of the Bayeux Tapestry hangs on the wall. It depicts a charge by Norman Cavalry on a Saxon shield wall. The latin words "CONTRA ANGLORUM EXERCITUM" can be seen; they are the last phrase of a caption which reads "HIC WILLELM DUX ALLOQUITUR SUIS MILITIBUS UT PREPARARENT SE VIRILITER ET SAPIENTER AD PRELIUM CONTRA ANGLORUM EXERCITUM" or, "Here Duke William exhorts his soldiers to prepare themselves like men and wisely for the battle against the English army."

[/history wonk]

Posted: Mar 23rd 2005, 7:05 am
by Sascha (sab)
Unfortunately, only one section of the transcript got completed in the past months. I decided to put it now online because I guess there's a good chance that the remaining sections will take a lot more time (if ever) before they're available and this partial transcript is already a very interesting read for fans of the show.

It can be found in our transcripts section at

If any of the other "old" volunteers would like to submit at least a partial section of their transcript, please let us know. Then we'll try to find new volunteers to complete the transcript. Also two or three screenshots would be nice to spruce up the text. If everything fails I'll try to get a bonus disc at ebay and transcribe it myself, but that could take some time...

Posted: Mar 30th 2005, 7:41 pm
by Nostradamus
Arg, yeah, sorry about that. It's harder than I thought, heh.


Kudos to everyone who is working on this.