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Uncle Mike Needs YOU - sign the DVD petition!

Posted: Aug 25th 2001, 11:34 am
by adam
so sign up for the dvd full set of My So Called Life and help us all out.

i got the email from the man at BMG and signed my-self up who else got it and signed up.

Re: Uncle Mike Needs YOU!

Posted: Aug 25th 2001, 12:53 pm
by Jack
Adam, I also received the e-mail and signed up.

So listen up people, sign the petition if you haven't already. At some
point after that, you'll probably receive an e-mail from an MSCL fan
who works at BMG, and who's personally pushing on behalf of all of us
for the DVD release. It sounds like we're getting close; we might be in
the home stretch here, so pleae sign the petition.


Re: Uncle Mike Needs YOU!

Posted: Aug 25th 2001, 6:02 pm
by dTheater
I signed the petition too, of course. But I'm confused. I thought we'd already won. I thought it was set in stone. It was just gonna be a matter of waiting. Perhaps very long, but nonetheless, I thought it was a done deal. This e-mail I got is not so good. Now I get the impression that there's still a decent chance it won't happen. Well hey, I'll keep fighting no matter how long it takes.

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Re: Uncle Mike Needs YOU!

Posted: Aug 26th 2001, 12:39 am
by barbara
hi im new *waves* i got the email and signed up to :) love barbara

Explanation of the situation.

Posted: Aug 29th 2001, 12:34 pm
by jasonr
I'm the BMG guy who wrote the email. Too many pending restructuring-related changes here have put the project in doubt. I'm trying to demonstrate that this is low risk (or, I'd say a "no brainer", because people love the show) for them so that they move ahead with it. I mean, Jeesh... They already have the DVD rights, it doesn't make sense to let them expire, right?