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Strange Amazon UK search result

Posted: Aug 17th 2003, 10:50 am
by Chase Cat
Is Buena Vista planning an European DVD release of MSCL?

British Amazon brings up following search result, when you type in "Claire Danes":

Click here :shock:

Often Amazon puts up some ghost products, like the original Star Wars trilogy, but I was alerted because they write Buena Vista Home Entertainment will release the series. The rights are fallen back to Mickey Mouse, right? In the product description here, they are mentioning the DVD would be in PAL along with some actor's name as well Winnie Holzman as director :clown:.

At least they have no further details about the edition, you know like with this stuff Sascha shocked us :P.

Posted: Aug 18th 2003, 1:55 pm
by Sascha (sab)
I agree, this is really strange.

But I would bet it's a mistake by It looks suspicious that they list it like a movie ("theatrical release date"). Maybe somebody just entered a plain list with all items Buena Vista Home Entertainment holds the rights to without checking whether BVHE will ever release it or not. Amazon is not exactly what I would call a "reliable source" :-)

But still... imagine if it's true...

DVDs for us UK dwellers

Posted: Dec 3rd 2003, 2:47 pm
by Rufus
Okay, I'm a bit narked off after being out-bid for the complete series on ebay (it's currently at £80, without shipping!) so I went to Amazon.COM as it's not available from I've got hold of the complete boxed set (with shipping) for £50.50 and am currently skipping round the room. :lol:
And if you haven't got a multi region player I suggest you go to where you can buy one for £35 for which the cracking code is listed in the feedback notes.
I'll let you know if it doesn't work for any reason... (eek)

Re: DVDs for us UK dwellers

Posted: Dec 3rd 2003, 3:44 pm
by andrewgd
Rufus wrote:And if you haven't got a multi region player I suggest you go to where you can buy one for £35 for which the cracking code is listed in the feedback notes.
Just so you know, you don't need a multiregion player for MSCL. Its region free. Though I region free player would be very handy for other dvds.

Posted: Mar 13th 2004, 8:51 am
by Sascha (sab)
I just received a notification from
You've previously signed up to be notified when "My So Called Life" (DVD)
becomes available and we're happy to inform you that this item can now be

If you would like to pre-order this item now, just follow the link below:
The weird thing is - there's still absolutely no information whatsoever listed on that amazon page, no price, no release date - the only thing that changed since this topic was started is that they removed the "theatrical release date".

This is now the second page at for MSCL - the first one is here:

I'm going to contact and ask for clarification. I don't think that they'll give me anything else than a standard reply, but we'll see.

Posted: Mar 14th 2004, 5:43 am
by Sascha (sab)

Seems like my inquiry stirred some things up over there. At least they changed the status from "pre-order" to "out of stock". And they sent me this (standard form) reply:
Thank you for contacting

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer this item, as we're
currently out of stock of "My So Called Life" and we are not able
to guarantee when or if it will be available for purchase on our
website. For this reason, the item is currently listed as out of
stock. [...]
So I guess this "My So-Called Life" DVD listing really was/is an error.

Posted: Mar 15th 2004, 11:31 am
by Sascha (sab)
And here's the final chapter in this story:
Dear Customer

Over the weekend you were sent an e-mail from announcing
the release of a DVD or video title. You had previously signed up to
be notified when this title became available to order.

Unfortunately, the e-mail you received was sent in error--the product
is not available to order yet as its price and release date have not
been announced by the studio.

If you placed an order for this item we will cancel it and you will
receive an e-mail confirming this shortly.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will notify you by
e-mail as soon as the studio confirms the release details for this

Warmest regards

Customer Service