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DVD region 0 playback?

Posted: Nov 29th 2002, 2:15 pm
Well i finally got my DVDs today (I'm in the UK) and rushed home to bathe in the splendour of the greatest show ever! Not so. Although i have a British dvd player, that runs every other dvd I ever bought, it DOES NOT PLAY THESE DAMN DISCS! I was assured they would be region '0' - meaning they would play anywhere, on anything. I have a quality Toshiba DVD player. What gives? After all the mess of this project, i cannot farkin' play them! The player just says "playback restricted...not PAL". Somebody help, before i personally take a trip over to Another universe with a farki' Uzi 9mm!!!


Posted: Nov 29th 2002, 2:49 pm
by Double Espresso
I'm by no means an expert, but I'd guess it means that your TV is trying to play the discs as if they're PAL, when in fact they're NTSC. You might be able to change you telly, try searching the options on the menus via the remote, also try the DVD menus, that might work. It's probably not a problem with yer DVD player though.

all good!

Posted: Nov 29th 2002, 2:56 pm
Double Espresso I think i love you! Anyone else has a similar problem, change your dvd settings from PAL to AUTO. This fixed it. I am now going to crack open a bud and watch my fav show. Lovely jubbly.

Cheers Double Espresso!

Posted: Nov 30th 2002, 2:55 am
by fnordboy
Let me just note that i did mention this NTSC / PAL problem quite awhile back. :wink:

I new this would come up.

Re: DVD region 0 playback?

Posted: Nov 30th 2002, 9:01 am
by higgy
VIPER wrote:The player just says "playback restricted...not PAL".
First look around your players setup menu or see if there are any switches on the back of the machine. If you can't find anything to change the video output mode, then do a google search on your player or try asking about it on

I'd be very surprised if it really can't play NTSC at all.

Posted: Nov 30th 2002, 9:02 am
by higgy
The DVD Forums might be a useful visit as well: