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cduniverse - Out Of Stock

Posted: Nov 23rd 2002, 1:05 pm
by guest112
I have just been told after having pre-ordered mscl that they have run out of stock....I placed my order nearly a month ago, has anyone who order later than this recieved their dvds as I think that because i paid the lower pre-order price I was left until last.!!!!

Also does anyone know where else I can get the box set from in the UK???



Posted: Nov 23rd 2002, 6:28 pm
by Concettina
If you're stuck getting it within the UK, the only other place I know of that has it listed is Future Entertainment: - but it's priced at £64.99 (including P&P), and they don't apparently have it available at present. Also, this particular company charge your credit/debit card straight away, regardless if the item is in stock or not.