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Share the love

Posted: Oct 25th 2002, 10:09 am
by enfah
Could someone share the love with me my e-mail is

Thank You!!

Posted: Oct 25th 2002, 10:15 pm
by cyhuang0728
i listed enfah and candygirl's friend. thanks for all the love. :)

Posted: Oct 26th 2002, 1:51 pm
by enfah
Thanks to cyhuang0728 for Sharing the love. Cheers!
By the way are doing Felicity season 1 for £32.21 ($49.95) excluding shipping. :lol:


Posted: Oct 26th 2002, 5:24 pm
by glintboy
Could someone please share the love with me? I'm in the process of cancelling my AU order but haven't ordered from Amazon yet.

My email is


Posted: Oct 26th 2002, 5:49 pm
by dTheater
I hope I'm doing this right.

Share the love?

When I get some love, what do I have to do to share it?

Posted: Oct 27th 2002, 11:02 am
by Neptin
Yeah..can I get some too? For some reason my discount disappeared form my order.


Posted: Oct 27th 2002, 1:45 pm
by goodnight elisabeth
Share the love with me?

Thanks so much, and I'll be sure to pass it on to others later.

Posted: Oct 27th 2002, 8:43 pm
by Rokfire
hi my first voucher expired :(, could someone send it to me again plz :) would be muchos grateful :)

hook a brother up?

Posted: Oct 27th 2002, 11:59 pm
by smackey
Could someone please share the love with me? Thanks... I'd be happy to do the same for others when I order my set.
[email deleted]


Posted: Oct 29th 2002, 5:40 am
by rossi27530

love shared

Posted: Oct 31st 2002, 11:47 pm
by smackey
OK... I just took care of everyone from glintboy down to this post.

ps. thanks to kio for the $5 amazon coupon code.

Posted: Nov 6th 2002, 9:17 pm
by icefloe
Is anybody still sharing the love?
Please add me if so!


Posted: Nov 7th 2002, 8:50 am
by Rokfire
could someone send me the share the love voucher as well, the last one i got was cancelled becasue the order was cancelled :(.

Thank You

an alternative--

Posted: Nov 7th 2002, 5:04 pm
by Logsama
if you can't get someone to share the love, consider ordering from ($45.78 + free shipping (2 weeks delivery, I think that may be US only though, sorry to all the international people out there, check the site)) For 3.99 (I think?) you can even get USPS priority shipping. see this thread: (I've ordered 100's of DVDs with no problems)


10% off please!

Posted: Nov 13th 2002, 1:03 am
by xmincore
could someone please send me some love??