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MTV schedule ?

Posted: Dec 11th 1999, 6:21 pm
by Guest

Does anyone know if MTV plans to run the show again any time soon ? Or an MSCL marathon (in the US)?

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Re: MTV schedule ?

Posted: Dec 11th 1999, 8:09 pm
by worldsapart
Not that anyone knows of....see the other posts about the so-called revival of the show, etc (they are a few pages back, we've kinda been slacking I guess).


Re: MTV schedule ?

Posted: Dec 13th 1999, 9:39 pm
by soma
i may be terribly wrong, but i don't think MTV has rights to MSCL anymore. when shows are sold into syndication (to other networks for reruns), they are normally for a contracted period of time. i know MTV's original contract was for 2 years, and i -think- they bought another 2, but those have been used up. to my knowledge, no one has it in syndication anymore.

Re: MTV schedule ?

Posted: Dec 20th 1999, 4:19 pm
by trippingbillie41
*uncontrollable sobbing*

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