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Mtv's address

Posted: Jan 3rd 2000, 3:50 pm
by ataris
I was wondering does any one know mtv's mailing address?

Re: Mtv's address

Posted: Jan 31st 2000, 12:12 am
by Guest
The Mtv mailing address is posted in the very first posting on this message board.

Re: Mtv's address

Posted: Mar 4th 2001, 5:05 pm
by Krakolano
so...what is it?

i don't believe in making plans...whatever happens... happens.

Re: Mtv's address

Posted: Jun 20th 2002, 12:12 am
by jehnidiah
Mtv's address is:

MTV Networks
1515 broadway FL 31L
New York, NY 10036-5797