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Posted: Jun 1st 2000, 3:25 pm
by Guest
A few people over here in the UK have tried to get Channel 4 to repeat the show to no avail. Please, help us to try and get C4 to renew it's rights to show MSCL by going to, and going to the Reach 4 section to leave a message to try and get the show repeated. If enough of us bug them, they are going to have to take notice.
If all else fails, would it be possible to get another channel to put the show on? I know Trouble has recently showed it, but unless you had Sky or Cable, you were screwed. I'm thinking of writing to BBC 2, as they have similar style programmes as C4. Do you think there is any point in doing that?
And finally, will the DVD's of the show be available over here?