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MSCL in 5 years

Posted: Feb 3rd 2003, 5:50 am
by complexdave
I'd like to see a 1 - 2 hour special of MSCL in 5 years that brings all the characters back and ties all the loose ends. I think the show Who's the Boss did that. Everyone came back for one show...and it just kinda sealed the package and it was something special for the hardcore fans.


Posted: Jul 20th 2003, 11:54 pm
by queenbri2244
i think that's a good idea. that's kinda the best and only way that it could be done. too much time has pased so the actors couldn't even reprise the role for a special episode. and the magic won't be there if they use different actors. hope they do. but jared seems a little stand-offish about acting now.

Posted: Jul 21st 2003, 4:40 am
by Sascha (sab)
Nah, I think the chapter "MSCL" is closed and should stay closed. There's no gurantee that such a reunion episode would even come close to the high expectations the fans build up during the past 10 years. If you want a "15 years later" show, just watch a few episodes of "thirtysomething" or "Once & Again". You'll find some MSCL-themes there.

However, I would welcome a reunion episode in the way it was done earlier this year for "Married with children": Almost all main characters came together on the original soundstage and talked about their experiences on the show, filled with short scenes from past episodes and outtakes etc.

Posted: Jul 21st 2003, 4:52 am
by Natasha (candygirl)
I agree that a reunion would be ill-advised at this point. One of the reasons why so many people still love MSCL is because it was left open-ended so neither Brian fans nor Jordan fans feel betrayed - they are free to imagine that Angela chose whomever they like. Most reunion shows leave fans feeling very disappointed (despite the fact that most fans yearn for a reunion show) - very little can live up to the original or fan expectations. I did like the Married with Children reunion because everyone was able to share their behind the scenes stories and reminisce. I guess that's why we love those E! True Hollywood Story specials.


Posted: Oct 22nd 2003, 12:32 pm
by Hunee
candygirl that is such a good idea!!! the true hollywood story!!! even though it was only on for one season i still think that would be a great idea!!!