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re-airing in spain

Posted: Sep 21st 2002, 7:10 am
by viv
wowww!!!! i couldnĀ“t believe my eyes when i was surfing channels a couple of weeks ago and started to listen to that music (that music !!! stucked in the back of my mind for so many years...) and watched the first episode of MSCL start... i was breathless... i watched the original airing via-cable back in 94 when i still lived in mexico, and my life depended on it... now, i live in catalonia (spain) and i am watching it in catalan!!!! too bad it's mon-fri, so it will end next week... the amazing thing is that i sill get the goosebumps i got when i was 14... that's why i know it's the most incredible show i've seen.