My So-Called Life Goes On (the book)

Discussion about the "My So-Called Life" books. NEW: "Dear Angela", a collection of essays about the show.
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My So-Called Life Goes On (the book)

Post by Dragenphly » Jan 8th 2005, 11:46 pm

Hey, new member, old fan. I know you're probably sick of having a new post about the So-Called Life books, but this is more of a request. The books are, as many of us know, really expensive, and I cannot (with my meager student earnings) afford that.

However, even if they suck, I was wondering if there would be some really nice person who would write a review of it, or something, and email it to me (so people who still want to read it don't get the spoiler). I mean like, I want to know the ending and everything...or if someone could just outline it for me? That be really really appreciated.
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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Jan 9th 2005, 8:35 pm

There are existing discussions about the MSCL books (some of which include plot points) here, here, and here. I prefer reading the fan fiction, most of which seem much truer to the characters than the MSCL Goes On book.

I read this book years ago, so I don't remember much about the book except that I really disliked it. The only salient plot points I remember are [spoiler]Angela was working at Graham's restaurant and met a cute waiter, Brian was working at a drive-through photo hut, Sharon was still with Kyle, and Brian slept with Amber.[/spoiler]

Although the MSCL Goes on Book can be pricey because it is out of print, I have also seen very cheap ebay auctions as low as $1. You just have to be persistent and search every few weeks. Amazon has links to used copies of the book as well as reader reviews.

Lastly, you might want to try the local public and university libraries which often have out of print books.
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