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Original Script for "Life of Brian"

Posted: Jan 10th 2000, 10:18 am
by Ken
Hi, the link here for original script for Life of Brian is down and I was wondering if anyone have a copy and can post a copy here on the board. This is not a complaint but I would just like to have a look at the original intentions of the writers and thought it might be fun to analyse and compare.

Also read somewhere that Claire did not do the voiceover for pilot. I was wondering why. Is it because of the limited working hours a day because of her age or is there some other reason? The voice really sound like her though, still can't believe she's only 13 where pilot was shot!

I would really like to discuss meanings of various details of the show, is there like a centralised place for this? The Brian vs Jordan discussion a few post down is really great! I would really want to be involved in some more of this.

Ken :)

Re: Original Script for

Posted: Jan 11th 2000, 2:25 am
by Sascha
There's a broken link to the original script? I couldn't find it. (the site is getting way too big ;-))
Anyway, I added a working link to the so-called encylopedia:
<A HREF=" ... ipt.txt</A>

Claire did the voiceover for the pilot. It's definitely her voice.

And if you want to discuss details of the show, just do it here. That's what this forum is for. :-)