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buying rights to MSCL

Posted: Apr 20th 2000, 10:28 pm
by gromit
Okay, this may be silly, but who knows? Someone on this list may be a multimillionaire just wanting for this idea.

Would it be possible for private citizens (such as ourselves) to acquire the rights to produce and sell videos of MSCL? I realize this would take lots of money not to mention the actual production and distribution of videotapes, but I just was wondering if anyone knew what it takes. Those master reels of all the MSCL episodes are sitting idly by while fans treasure their 5-year-old homemade tapes like so much gold.

Re: buying rights to MSCL

Posted: Apr 22nd 2000, 3:32 pm
by angelika
That's really crazy that you mention it. Although it's really far fetched, I was just talking to my mom about this yesterday. Maybe, somehow, someone here can help make it work? I know nothing about rights. Maybe someone can help us out? :-)


Re: buying rights to MSCL

Posted: May 19th 2000, 10:57 am
by richard
I was looking back through some archives and saw that when OLS was still fully functional they actually sold copies of the entire series, I assume it was legitamate, which must mean it is possible, I've no idea how much it would be and of course Bug-Juice or whoever owns it now would have to sell. But it would be good