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*UNOFFICIAL* MSCL soundtrack

Posted: Oct 19th 1999, 5:52 pm
by Guest
I made my own MSCL Soundtrack Tapes, connecting the VCR to the Stereo Set and then recording them off the Boxed Set Tapes.
It's actually cooler than a real Soundtrack album, as most songs have voice-overs from the show (like, "Everybody Hurts" with Angela and Brian, etc.). I listen to the Tapes in the car, my friends think I'm nuts.

Re: My So-called Tapes

Posted: Oct 19th 1999, 11:28 pm
by worldsapart
I've actually thought about doing that (making my own), but never got around to it. I just offered to circulate the official soundtrack for the sake that's it's the official soundtrack and a must have for fans simply because it is what it is. =) I agree that the song choice wasn't the best (I'm sure it had something to do with licensing issues), but there are some good cuts on there (particularly Juliana Hatfield and Buffalo Tom).


Re: soundtrack

Posted: Oct 20th 1999, 3:37 pm
by Odessam
Well what i've heard and seen (on the net) i think that the "official" soundtrack isn't so good cos it 1 only has few songs from MSCL (juliana hatfield , buffalo tom and someone else) and it didn't get very goods reviews well anyway i've been trying to compile my own soundtrack i.e. all (most of) the songs from MSCL right now i have but a few of them but anyway if someone's interested i could send some of them for you .
only ones i have are
1 What's love - Haddaway
2 Dreams - Cranberries
3 Blister in the sun - Violent Femmes
4 Return to innocence - Enigma
well that's about it.

Re: soundtrack

Posted: Oct 20th 1999, 5:27 pm
by angelika
I don't know too much about computers, but would it be possible for someone to put together a collection of MSCL songs on the internet that we could all access? I know of several songs that should have been on the soundtrack but weren't. I was disappointed by the CD (except for Make it Home by Juliana Hatfield--this makes me cry!!!). Let me know if anyone wants to do this... I think it sounds like an awesome idea. It's just a matter of doing it! :-)

Song at the end of

Posted: Nov 13th 1999, 2:33 pm
by angelika
I think we've talked about his before, but wouldn't it be so awesome to make a CD of all the REAL MSCL songs? There are only a few songs on that CD that are actually memorable from the series (Juliana Hatfield, Buffalo Tom, and the theme song). They totally forgot about Blister in the Sun, Dreams, Everybody Hurts, etc. Maybe one of you motivated technology-biffs could throw together a CD. I don't know about the rest of you, but I would pay money for it!!! :-) Something to think about...

Re: Song at the end of "Life of Brian" episode

Posted: Nov 13th 1999, 4:00 pm
by Jack
If you look under audio at this website, it does have a handful of the songs from the show, but not
all of them. I agree with Angelika, I would pay money for a CD that had all the real songs from the
show (including Jordan's "I call her Red", and Rayanne and Jordan's version of "I want to be sedated")

Re: Song at the end of "Life of Brian" episode

Posted: Nov 14th 1999, 1:51 am
by worldsapart
I love that too! I don't have any of the songs except for the ones on the soundtrack (and I have the Buffalo Tom album "Big Red Letter Day") and I would LOVE to have them!


Re: Song at the end of "Life of Brian" episode

Posted: Nov 14th 1999, 11:19 am
by oldguy
I have a CD recorder, and I would be happy to compile
a CD of soundtrack songs --- provided I can get a hold of
the recordings in one format or another. I think Tracey
is sending me a copy of the commercial CD, and I have
"Blister in the Sun" on another album, but I don't have
recordings of any of the other songs.

So I'll volunteer to put the compilation together, provided
each of you can get me copies of other songs you'd like
to see on it (and I can work with just about any decent-
quality format --- MP3, mini-disc, --- even a good cassette

Maybe we could start by putting a list together of exactly
what we want on this CD (?).

--- Old Guy

Re: Song at the end of "Life of Brian" episode

Posted: Nov 14th 1999, 1:59 pm
by worldsapart
Oh yeah, I'm sending out your cd this week....I think that's a great idea...I'm sure that between all of us on here, we can manage to find most of the songs somewhere.


Re: Song at the end of "Life of Brian" episode

Posted: Nov 16th 1999, 11:47 pm
by Jack
I think this is great. If Old Guy can put together a CD, we should all put forth the effort to assist him.
As Tracey said, between all of us we should be able to find most of the songs, and I think it could be
a fun and challenging project especially if we look beyond the obvious songs and attempt to make a
"complete" MSCL CD. For example, is the song by Animal Bag available anywhere. That song was
played in the pilot, live by the aforementioned group, where Angela went to the party and was pushed
in the mud. And how about in Betrayal where Angela walks into Brian's room and Brian is lying on his
bed listening to his walkman. We hear music and he sings along with some of the lyrics. He says
" my face!" twice and then something unintelligible (at least unintelligible to me). Does anybody
have a clue as to what he's listening too. Maybe Devon Gummersall might remember if we can't figure it
out. And how about "I Wanna Be Sedated" by the Ramones (assuming we can't scrounge up or create
a Rayanne/Jordan version). These are just thoughts, I'm probably way out there on this, but it could be

On a completely different MSCL subject, we could also discuss or analyze how tight the show was
written. The above mentioned moment where Brian was listening to his music occurred in the same
episode where Angela does essentially the same thing at the beginning when she was listening to
"Blister In The Sun". It was a private moment where they're each alone with their music (something
we've all experienced). It also involved clothing, in Angela's case, she's throwing clothes around as
though she's looking for something to wear (although she's dressed). In Brian's case, he's shirtless
and puts his shirt on when she enters his room. I believe this is the only episode where this occurred,
two people in various stages of dress, each alone with their music. This is not a coincidence in writing,
it was intentional, and it means something. The writers are telling us something about these two people
and their lives. Another moment of very tight writing occurred in "The Life of Brian". In the fourth act of
that episode, Jordan and Angela are outside next to a fence (she's actually leaning against the fence)
and he says to her, "Why are you like this?" Her response, "Like what?". Him: "Like how you." The
very next episode, "Self-Esteem" has the roles reversed, but the same exchange. Again, we're in the
fourth act, Jordan and Angela are in the boiler room surrounded by a fence. She pushes him away, has
a few lines of dialogue and then asks "Why are you like this?" He leans back very close to the fence,
if not against it, and says "Like what?". Her: "Like how you are." Brilliant writing, brilliant. These are
not accidents, these are well thought out moments of continuity, and irony. The series is filled with
these. I could go on but I've got to get back to work (I'm self-employed and work out of my home, all
hours of the day and night obviously). Sorry for being long-winded but it's in my nature, I always take
the scenic route.

Anyways, two projects for us:

(1) A complete list of all songs (and I mean "all", if possible) to put on a CD.
(2) A discussion of those brilliant moments of MSCL, 90% of which have probably slipped past us.


Re: Song at the end of "Life of Brian" episode

Posted: Nov 17th 1999, 10:23 am
by mia
Fabulous idea! Like I said before, there used to be an "unofficial" soundtrack floating around out there, but it's apparently disappeared. and it shouldn't be TOO bad to track down most of the songs if we all work together. Count me in!

Re: Song at the end of "Life of Brian" episode

Posted: Nov 17th 1999, 2:28 pm
by Matthew
Hey Old guy, great idea! I'd be glad to help out with this. I can send you the Cranberries' song "Dreams". But first we should definetly make a list of the songs people want, because only so many will fit. I cast my vote that "Dreams" be included.

Soundtrack Compilation

Posted: Nov 17th 1999, 2:38 pm
by mia
I thought I'd start this topic as a place to discuss and vote on the songs we'd like to see included in the proposed compilation.

Definately think the following should be included:

Everybody Hurts
I wanna be Sedated
That Buffalo Tom song from Self-Esteem
Blister In the Sun

Re: Soundtrack Compilation

Posted: Nov 17th 1999, 3:13 pm
by Jack
To add to Mia's list:

Billy Pilgrim's "Try".
Both the Buffalo Tom songs: "Sodajerk" and "Late at Night"
The two other songs from The World Happiness Dance: The Lemonheads "Dawn Can't Decide"
and that song that Rickie and Delia dance to.

Side note: Sodajerk and Dawn Can't Decide are on the original CD. Is our goal to create a
whole new "complete" CD, which would require some duplicity with the original one? Or is it
just a supplement to the first one? Let's vote! I vote for a "new, complete" one. Hey Old Guy,
how much running time are you able to put on a CD anyway? I guess that ultimately decides
what we can do.

Re: Song at the end of "Life of Brian" episode

Posted: Nov 17th 1999, 5:09 pm
by adam
yea we need buffalo tom's late at night and soda jerk. is life of brian the one were they go to the dance because if it is i havent seen that one in so long but i remeber the part were jordan says that stuff and later when angela says that also.