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MSCL Music Intro

Posted: Apr 13th 2002, 6:39 pm
by Guest
What is it about the first 2/3 mintues of this show, ya know the intro with the MSCL theme that plays by Snuffy (Sp?) introducing the name of the show with snipit clips of the show. I never get tired of hearing or seeing it.

For me, I always somehow connected to the music, even though it doesn't have any words, I still makes me feel good inside.

Am I making sense? How is it for you?


Re: MSCL Music Intro

Posted: Apr 14th 2002, 12:20 am
by Guest
Yeah, I know what you mean. The theme song for this show is so incredible. When I first got the soundtrack, I would put the theme song on repeat and listen to it over and over and over.

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Re: MSCL Music Intro

Posted: Apr 14th 2002, 5:40 am
The intro written by W.G. Snuffy Walden is definitely one of the best parts of the show. And I always enjoyed the music that was featured throughout the 19 episodes that we got. Unfortunately, the official soundtrack didn't completely capture the musical spirit of the show.

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Re: MSCL Music Intro

Posted: Apr 15th 2002, 1:19 am
by dTheater
It's because Snuffy is a genius. Check out his work on Spors Night too. Brilliant.

- jim

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Re: MSCL Music Intro

Posted: Apr 16th 2002, 9:34 am
by socalledfan
Oh yeah!!! And don't you just get chills all over when you hear:

"Go, now...Go"


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Re: MSCL Music Intro

Posted: Apr 16th 2002, 11:26 am
by K-man
I also love the theme at the beginning. You know an opening theme to a show has to be good if you make a point to never miss it as if it was a part of the episode. I guess I always considered the opening theme a part of each episode. I particularly like the final scene where they do the freeze frames of Angela as she runs down the darkened hall. All the music by W.G. Snuffy Walden from the series is great. Two episodes that I particularly like for the music are "Dancing in the Dark", and "Why Jordan Can't Read". Specifically; when Angela gets out of Jordan's car and says,"I could have killed him" and at the end as she is looking at the I.D. Then in "Why Jordan Can't Read" when she is in Jordan's car. I also love the closing theme. And what about the two episodes (Pilot and The Zit) that have different music at the end? The pilot right after Angela says,"We did....We had a time." and at the end of the Zit when Angela, RayAnne and Ricky are putting clothes on the mannequin.

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Re: MSCL Music Intro

Posted: Apr 16th 2002, 3:26 pm
by kenickie
I know!! The theme is fantastic. How many times have we sung words over the top of it? None? Oh, it must just be me then! I can remember seeing the soundtrack cd in HMV and not believing my eyes... I also really, REALLY love Make it home by Juliana Hadfield, so much so that I learned to play it on the guitar. The music throughout that whole episode is just amazing. It really makes it all feel so magical.

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Posted: Apr 16th 2002, 6:36 pm
by Joanna
Hey Kenickie......remember I said I had never heard of the band with your name?? Well - just checking out one of my compilation cd's and it turns out I have one of their songs afterall - it's called Punka. It is certainly original I'll say that :0)

Hope you're doin' ok?


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Re: MSCL Music Intro

Posted: Apr 16th 2002, 10:51 pm
by Guest
Cool, Now I feel apart of the board Hee Hee, I actually made a post that everyone could identify with LOL.

I too never want to miss the opening song and I too make it part of the episode even though it's not LOL Whoever camera edited that with Snuffy Walden's Intro did an incredible job, capturing all the cool moments..I love when Rayanne & Ricki run outside together & when Angela walks up the stairs not wanting her parents to hear and the street scene in the dark w/ her purse and running in the hall.

Yes I totally agree that watching the tapes & when there is snipits of music tucked into rememorable moments, it really sticks in your head, it makes the show even more special. This is so cool that I found other people that love this show like me. :)



Posted: Apr 17th 2002, 2:08 pm
by kenickie
I am really pleased that you know what they sound like as they were very good indeed ;) Their second album was alot more different to the first one (that punka is off) as they were getting sick of the record industy and the people that run it. That was reflected in the change of musical direction and the content of the songs on the second album. Did you know that Punka is not just a shout anthem?? It's actually about people who cannot think for themselves, who see something that is popular and then jump on the bandwagon, hence the lines : "I wanna be a punka too, when I grow up if punkas ever do, I wanna be like you!!!!" (it really is best to SHOUT that last line!) ;)
Anyhoo, enough of the music lesson. I am very fine, thanks for asking. Hope you are well too!!

Let's make the memories, that dreamers only claim,
But it's hard, when the world knows your name.

W.G. Snuffy Walden's MSCL score

Posted: Apr 28th 2002, 6:37 pm
by Guest
The latest release by....W.G. Snuffy Walden. Has anyone bought it? I was wondering how long this song really is. I'd LOVE to hear the full length version but not sure I want to spend 12.00 bucks for just one song. Is there a MP3 anywhere of this track? Does anyone here who has it have the ablility to make an MP3 & share it with us on a weblink?

Snuffy Walden has put out other cd titles of hit series. Doesn't he have enough stuff to fill up a CD of MSCL tunes?


snuffy walden cd

Posted: Nov 4th 2002, 6:14 pm
by murph
Can anyone tell me if the tune called "Angela Smiles" on the Snuffy Walden TV music CD is the theme music for MSCL? I can't listen to anything on Amazon or Tower because of some problem with my realplayer. Help! thanks

Re: snuffy walden cd

Posted: Nov 4th 2002, 6:51 pm
by Sascha
murph wrote:Can anyone tell me if the tune called "Angela Smiles" on the Snuffy Walden TV music CD is the theme music for MSCL?
No, it isn't. It's a 5:30 long interpretation of the general MSCL score (the sound you hear sometimes in the background). The theme song was only available on the official MSCL soundtrack. I haven't been able to identify the episode where this score played - but at least it's not the "Angela dance" score. To be honest, it sounds more like the "Early Edition" score (which Snuffy did too) than one from "My So-Called Life".

Hm, that could be a good question to ask Snuffy himself. Maybe when this whole hassle with the DVDs is over we could actually realize some of our ideas for the bonus disc ourselves ;-) (An audio interview with Snuffy was one of them)


Posted: Nov 4th 2002, 6:59 pm
by murph
thanks so much for the may have saved me some dough. you're a peach!

Posted: Dec 10th 2002, 9:24 pm
by Natasha (candygirl)
Uhhh, am I the only one who didn't know Snuffy did music for the Wonder Years previous to MSCL?

So many things tying two of my favorite shows together.