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RAYANNE singing sesame street theme song

Posted: Feb 1st 2005, 3:52 pm
by summerwine
can i download it somewhere? i just loved her version of it
don't know if this belongs here... thanks though!

That's sweet

Posted: Apr 16th 2005, 6:34 pm
by brain1
I was really moved by that episode, at the end when she sings that song, and she loses all her inhibitions that she had when she was on stage with the Frozen Embryos. That is awesome.


Posted: Jul 22nd 2005, 1:14 am
by katrasula
As a Ramones fan, I was completely blown away at Jordan's version of "I wanna be sedated". Best damn cover if you ask me. Didn't really help your downloading issue, but oh well, sorry.

Posted: Nov 30th 2005, 7:50 am
by rayanne_g
i love that episode when she sings that, i love how its going in slowmo, when she grabs the bottle and starts drinkin...i was like noooo dont end..i wanna know whats gonna happen next.